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‘The problem lies in our system as we need quick results’: Misbah-ul-Haq

By BetBarter Staff

October 21, 2021

Former Pakistan coach Misbah-ul-Haq feels there won’t be any improvement in the team if the culture of making scapegoats does not stop. Misbah, who till recently was the head coach of the National team, lashed out at the board for being impatient for results.

During the past two months or so, Pakistan Cricket had to deal with a lot. Apart from resignations from Misbah and bowling Waqar Younis, the team also saw Wasim Khan, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) CEO stepping down from his position. Amidst all these, it also announced its 15-member squad for the 20-20 World Cup with few notable exclusions and omissions. Later, it included a few senior players, which apparently didn’t go well with a lot of former Pakistani players.

Misbah feels the constant chopping and changing of the team is not good. The former Pakistan coach also said that instant results cannot be expected, if the players are not developed at the domestic level.

“The problem is that in our cricket we only look at results, and we don’t give time or have patience for planning ahead and improving the system,” he said on the 'A-Sports' channel.

“We don’t focus on the fact that we have to develop our players at domestic level and then in the national team and work on their skill development. We want results and if we don’t get the desired results we start searching for scapegoats,” he said.

Misbah further opined that pointing fingers at one person and blaming him for a loss is not ideal. He feels by changing a coach does not solve problems instantly. “Unfortunately, looking for scapegoats is a norm in Pakistan cricket. After losing a match or series, we look for someone as a scapegoat to save face.

“Nothing will change if we continue with this cosmetic surgery. You can change the coaches, and players but deep down the problems will remain the same,” he said.