'Kahaa se laate ho yaar ye sab' - Fans react as former Pakistan cricketer accuses Rohit Sharma of unfair practices during toss - WATCH

Cricket News: Former Pakistan cricketer accused Rohit Sharma of unfair practices during the toss. Sikandar Bakht claimed Rohit Sharma threw a coin far from the opposition captain.

Sarah Andrew
Nov 16, 2023 11:26 IST
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Sikandar Bakht

Sikandar Bakht

India has been on a sensational run in the ODI World Cup 2023. The home side defeated New Zealand in the semifinal of the tournament to enter the final. It has been a dominating run for the Indian team in the tournament. All the players have stepped up to the occasion. The players in the team have collectively performed well to make the team it is today.

The way India has played in the tournament has been praised by many. The individuals in the team have been praised for their performances, which has led to the eventual success of the team. Both the batters and bowlers have been very good for India. The All-rounder, Ravindra Jadeja, has been exceptional too. There are very few instances where some of the players could not deliver on a given day.

At the same time, the way India has played in the tournament has raised the eyebrows of many. Former Pakistan cricketer Hasan Raza accused India of using pitch and ball in their favour. The latest to join the accusation club of Raza has been another former Pakistan cricketer, Sikandar Bakht, who has accused Rohit Sharma of unfair practising during the tosses.

Sikandar Bakht's accusation on Indian captain

The former Pakistan cricketer said that he observed Rohit throwing the coin way too far away from the opposition captains during the toss intentionally so that they could not see what the result of the coin was going to be eventually. Fans could not control their laughter hearing the accusation of Bakht. The accusation of Bakht seems to be absurd and rather funny.

It is to be noted that any call from the captain during the toss takes place before the coin gets tossed by the captain. The outcome of the toss does not depend on what a captain would see in the coin. Toss is something that is purely luck-based outcome. To have that luck on one's side can be good. However, the success rate cannot be guaranteed with the toss of the coin. 

Watch the accusation of Bakht here -

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