India to make changes in playing XI? Here are the highlights from Rohit Sharma's press conference ahead of 2023 ODI World Cup final

The veteran opener, who is at his absolute best, has discussed a lot of things, including the team combination and pitch analyses. 

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Rohit Sharma (Source: Twitter)

Rohit Sharma (Source: Twitter)

The world is eagerly waiting to witness the moment when the new world champions will be crowned at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on Sunday. The one-and-a-half-month-long tournament is finally coming to an end with the hosts India and Australia clashing in the final. Cricket fans are in for an exciting encounter as two powerhouses in international cricket come face to face.

India captain Rohit Sharma addressed the media on the eve of the summit clash. The veteran opener, who is at his absolute best, has discussed a lot of things, including the team combination and pitch analyses. 

Key takeaways from Rohit's press conference 

7. Everyone in the team is calm and ready to handle the pressure

"Leading up to every game, we have been calm and composed about what we want to do. We know what the outside environment is, the expectations and pressure. It's important to stick to our game and this has been happening for a long time. We have worked on maintaining the calmness in the dressing room. Inside what they feel, I don't know, how they'll be feeling. But when in meetings, trainings, everyone is calm. Being an Indian cricketer, you have to deal with pressure," said the India captain.

6. Preparations for the World Cup finals began two years ago

"We have prepared for this day ever since I became the captain. We had to identify players in the last 2 years, as per the formats. We had given role clarity and lots of discussions between the captain and coach. The importance of role clarity is huge for us reaching this platform. We have tried our best to keep the mindset and roles clear. So far so good, hopefully tomorrow as well."

5. Head coach Rahul Dravid's role is massive 

"Rahul Dravid's role has been absolutely massive, especially in terms of giving role clarity to players. It's quite contrasting in how he played his cricket and how I play my cricket and to agree on certain things, to give us that liberty, that says a lot about him. What he has done for Indian cricket is massive and he also wants to be part of this occasion. Let's do it for him!"

4. Both pacers and spinners have done a great job 

"The bowlers have done a great job for us in this tournament. We were chasing in the first four, five games and to restrict them to below 300 is not easy in India. Our pacers and spinners have been great. When we were defending as well, they were great. Bumrah, Shami, Siraj have been excellent. The same for the spinners as well when we wanted to take wickets in the middle overs."

3. Aware of Australia's strong campaign so far 

"Australia have won 8 out of 8. They have played good cricket and both the teams deserve to be in the finals. We know what Australia can do. They are a very complete side. We want to focus on what we want to do. We don't want to worry about what kind of form they are in rather focus on our cricket and plans."

2. Don't think the toss will play a big role

"There's a bit of grass on the track. The wicket from India vs Pakistan was a lot drier. From my understanding, it's going to be on a slower side. We'll see the pitch tomorrow and assess. The temperature has dropped a bit as well. I don't know how much of a factor the dew will be. I don't think the toss will play a big role."

1. India will decide on Playing XI tomorrow 

"We haven’t decided on it. We will assess the pitch and will see it again tomorrow. Our 12-13 are decided. But we will come and see what is our strength. We will decide tomorrow."

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