Top 5 weird sports in history

These sports are not very popular like cricket or football etc. but still, these are played in some specific parts of the world, especially in their country of origin.

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Weird Sports Played Worldwide

Weird Sports Played Worldwide

There are a lot of sports being played across the world, including both indoor and outdoor sports. Even a lot of these games are also a part of the biggest sports competition in the world, i.e., the Olympics. Apart from that, some of the most popular games in the world are cricket, hockey, and football etc.

Besides these sports, some sports are not very usual for the followers of the sports; these sports might sound quite strange but it is also quite amazing that they truly exist and are played across various countries.

With said that, here we’ll have a look at the top 10 weird sports in the world which are being played across the world.


The game is getting quite popular West; Buzkashi means ‘goat-dragging’, in which the players carry the goat carcass or any other resembling animal. Players have to go through obstacles to aim for their winning goal. Interestingly, it is the national sport of Afghanistan and has gained a big popularity in the last couple of years in the region of Central Asia.


The history of this game (Kabaddi) shows that it originated in Ancient India. It finds its basic roots in Indian wrestling in which one has to tackle his/her opponent to the ground with physical force. It is also the national game of Nepal and Bangladesh. In this game, the raider is supposed to return to his team’s den after tagging or touching an opponent player; the raider must make it sure not to get tackled in the opponent’s den before crossing the line to secure a  point in the team’s favour.


This fictional game of Quidditch was seen first in a TV series named ‘The Harry Potter’; the game includes two teams comprising seven players each. Players are placed on the broomstick; on the other hand, the players in the current times of Quidditch, players are supposed to lay a broom within their legs.

Wife Carrying

The origin of this game is mostly considered to be in Finland. There are more than two or can say, multiple teams consisting of two players each. A team involves one male, alongside a female participant. However, it is not compulsory in this game that the pair should be married; so, the man is supposed to cross all the obstacles, while carrying the woman on his back.

Shoval Racing

The start of this game traces to the resorts of New Mexico; Shoval Racing is mostly played in the extreme cold weather, especially on a hill completely covered with snow. So, the player in this game is supposed to sit on a shovel and ride down through the hill, which is necessarily icy or snowy.

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