Pakistani actress Ayesha Omar 'clears the air' on Shoaib Malik - Sania Mirza 'divorce'

In the recent times, their have been rumors that Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza were separated and headed toward annulling their marriage.

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Ayesha Omar, Shoaib Malik, Sania Mirza

Ayesha Omar, Shoaib Malik, Sania Mirza (Image Credit: Twitter)

In recent times, former Pakistan skipper Shoaib Malik and India Tennis legend, Sania Mirza's marriage was reportedly on the rocks. It was believed that the duo was separated and headed towards annulling their marriage. The rumors started after Malik posted the pictures of his son's birthday party on social media while Mirza didn't. Also, the India Tennis legend posted some cryptic messages that also fueled the rumors.

Notably, there was another reason for the rumors. Apparently, it is said that Malik and the famous Pakistani actress, Ayesha Omar were 'allegedly getting close'. This was another reason for the divorce. However, the latter has now clarified the rumors. In an interaction with the fans, Omar said that Shoaib and Sania are close and they are happy with each other.

'Jee nahin. Bilkul nahi. Un kee shadi hoe we hai aur who apnee biwi kay saath bohat khush hai. Main donon @realshoaibmalik aur @saniamirza kee bohat respect kartee hoon. Shoaib aur mein achay dost aur ek doosray kay kherkhwa hai. Bohat respect kartay hain. Aisay rishtay bhee hotay hain Duniya mein logon kay,' said Omar.

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik will be back with their web show

Meanwhile, a couple of weeks back, the couple announced the return of their web show, 'The Mirza Malik show'. This announcement had dulled the rumors but the couple had to face the ire of the fans. They accuse the couple of 'letting the rumors fuel' as a part of a publicity stunt with their show making a comeback. Meanwhile, it is also important to note that the couple has chosen to stay mum on the matter. It was believed that the 'legal matters' have made them do so.

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