Players with the most number of sixes in T20I Matches

For its excellent batting performances, T20 is still celebrated. Sixes flying to all sides of the floor in a match with T20 is a familiar sight.

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Sep 21, 2020 09:01 IST
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T20I - Russell

T20I - Russell

For its excellent batting performances, T20 is still celebrated. Sixes flying to all sides of the floor in a match with T20 is a familiar sight. The list of players in T20I that have crossed sixths so far is as follows:

MJ Guptill

Martin Guptill is one of the greatest cricketers of all time in New Zealand. In his career, he delivered some of the finest moments. He is also the second-highest player in T20I with the most six players. The total number of games played in 88 has been 2536. This remarkable span of career includes 119 massive six played.

Rohit Sharma

The Vice-Captain of the Indian cricket team and opener Rohit Sharma is recognized by cricket fans as "Hitman" due to his incredible introductions. He is famous for winning innings for his match. He is the sixth player in IPL, even as a player who scored more than 2700 runs and most centuries in T20I. This player has achieved a total of 127 six out of 108 matches.

Rohit Sharma's IPL Matches

The name Rohit Sharma can hardly be removed from the Cricket Limited book. The Mumbai Indian's captain ranked 4th in the history of IPL in the sixth place. Out of 188 matches, he has scored 194 six. Rohit Sharma succeeds greatly as a captain, with MI winning a total of four IPL awards. In addition, in his IPL career, this national team opener scored a total of 4898 rounds.

3. EJG Morgan

EJG Morgan is in the 3rd position of England's cricketer on the list. He's the 3rd highest player in T20 International in six. In his career, Morgan has played a total of 2240 runs in 94 T20 matches for England. In his 11-year career at the international T20I, he achieved 111 sixes.

4. Colin Munro

Colin Munro from New Zealand is the fourth-largest player in T20 history in sixth place. In his 8-year-old career, he played 65 matches and scored 1724 runs. He has sent the ball out of the park for 107 times in his T20I career.

5. Chris Gayle

When talking about T20, the name Chris Gayle for the records chart cannot be avoided. It has been proven several times in his career and the most destructive cricketer in this format. A specialist of the T20, Gayle has played for the West Indies in 58 T20 matches and scored a total of 1627 runs. In the 58 games played he played a total of 105 sixes, making him the fifth on this list.

Chris Gayle's IPL matches

The fans have referred to Chris Gayle as the "Universe Chief". Gayle was the largest bowler's nightmare in T20 with his awful batting style. With a total of 326 sixes, Gayle ranks beyond the list of players with the highest number of six. He is the most numerous player in the T20 centuries and also the most awarded Man of the Match player in the IPL. He also scored 4484 runs out of 125 IPL matches.

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