Popular Left-Handed Batsmen in International Cricket

If you ask ten cricket fans, you will get a surprise that more than six will name a left-handed batsman as their favorite.

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Aug 14, 2020 13:09 IST
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Left-Handed Batsman

Left-Handed Batsman

We have parcels and loads of right-handed batsmen in the worldwide cricket world. Also, we have a portion of the exceptionally capable left-handed batsmen. These batsmen have changed the meaning of accomplishment for their particular group through their ability. If you ask ten cricket fans, you will get a surprise that more than six will name a left-handed batsman as their favorite.

Here is the rundown of best and well known left-handed batsmen ever on the planet cricket:

Kumar Sangakkara

Sangakkara is full of talent and has played for the Island team. He is s batsman who had a fine procedure. With a cool psyche, he utilizes all the strokes in the book, from the back foot and the front foot. His Test normal of 57.40 is one of the untouched best. A one-day vocation with 25 centuries and 93 half hundreds of years is superior to most in the cricket world.

Brian Lara

The main player to have a century, a twofold century, a triple century, and a fourfold century in Test cricket! He additionally has a 500 or more score in a top of the line coordinate! He is a player of exceptional aptitudes and will consistently adore.

Adam Gilchrist

Gilchrist had faith in 'See the ball, hit the ball' standard. Gilchrist opened the batting, played a tornado innings. What's more, when the resistance regained some composure, would withdraw having carried out his responsibility. Going in first or seventh, donning whites or shading reds, Adam Gilchrist was the emblematic heart of Australia's bulldozing plan. What's more, he is the most elating cricketer of the cutting edge age. 17 centuries, HS of 204*, a normal of 47.60 that too at an SR of 81.95, are remarkable numbers for any batsman, leave aside a number 7, as he seemed to be. He is one of the primary reasons why Australia accomplished the enormity, during his occasions.

Matthew Hayden

Quality was Matthew Hayden's quality – both mental and physical. This man crippled the bowler and the resistance like no other. He would over and over threaten the bowler by pushing forward of his wrinkle and would truck him for limits consistently and upset his mood. Hayden was one of the best Test batsmen from Australia, with a normal of 50.73, 30 centuries, and HS of 380.

Clive Lloyd

Generally recognized as the skipper of the acclaimed powerful West Indies crew of the '70s and '80s, Clive Lloyd was a fruitful batsman. Although not as severe as Vivian Richards, Lloyd was likewise a hard hitter of the ball and could dampen the resistance.

Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly is a batsman who joined elegance with careful exactness in his stroke play. With fresh planning and snappy drives, Ganguly made batting look lovely. What's more, he has fine records in both ODIs just as test groups.

Sanath Jayasuriya

He is the typhoon who obliterates the bowling in his incomparable style at the head of the innings, changes the way the initial 15 overs of the ODIs. With 28 ODI hundreds, an ODI strike pace of 91.20, and a test high score of 340, he surely is one of the greats who affected the game.

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