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Pros and cons of the 20-day break after the World Test Championship final

June 9, 2021

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Updates around the World Test Championship continue to steadily pour in as the championship draws closer. The latest update is that the Indian team would get a 20-day break from the bubble-life environment after the tournament. Virat Kohli and his men would get a break from 24th June after the end of the championship. The team would then regroup again on 14th July to start preparing for the test series against England starting on 4th August.

The players would have to plan their travel within the UK so that they don’t get stuck anywhere on the break. Otherwise, if the players go to some other place where there is a sudden travel ban due to a rise in cases, it would lead to chaos. Thereby the travel destinations would be within England.

Some of the pros and cons of the 20 days break that the players would get are as follow

Pros of the break all players will receive after the WTC final

Proper rest and a break from the monotony

Living in the bubble is taxing for players and it takes a toll on their mental health. Life in the bubble gets monotonous after a while. So with the 20 days break, players would get a chance to break the monotony and refresh their mindset. It would give them a chance to explore the country.

The players would not only get to switch from cricket but also get a chance to heal from minor injuries and setbacks.

Spend time with family

Some of the players have traveled to the UK with their families. So they would not need to travel back to India to spend time with their loved ones. Also, in the UK, the players would get the option of traveling to various places with their families without risking an international journey.

Cons of the break all players will receive after the WTC final

Risk of Covid-19 exposure

Although the players have been vaccinated ahead of the England tour, they could still contract the virus. The chances of that happening is less but it could not be completely ruled out.

Unforeseen events that could land the players in trouble

There have been past incidents where the players landed in trouble while on tour. Injuries and unforeseen events could be one of the cons of the break. But the BCCI would probably have a plan in place for the players to make their transition from the bubble-life to the outside world uncomplicated.

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