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Ravi Shastri’s innovative suggestion for T20 Cricket

By Alan

June 1, 2022

Former Indian head coach Ravi Shastri has suggested that there should be a bigger window for league cricket. He stated that the T20I bilateral series should not be played, and international T20s should be restricted to just World Cups.

Shastri, India’s coach for the 2021 T20 World Cup, remarked that “no one remembers” bilateral competitions.  He proposed that cricket should follow the example of football, where club contests are more common and international matches are mostly contested in massive events such as the World Cup. He even stated that in the future, the Indian T20 League may have two seasons in a year.

“Yes, absolutely, there’s too much of bilateral stuff going on in T20 cricket. I’ve said that, even when I was the coach of India, I could see it happening in front of my eyes. It should go the football way, where, in T20 cricket, you just play the World Cup. Bilateral tournaments – no one remembers,” he told ESPNcricinfo.

He recalled his stint with the Indian team and said that he does not remember any T20 bilateral series. “I don’t remember a single game in the last six-seven years as coach of India, barring the World Cup. A team wins the World Cup, they will remember it. Unfortunately, we didn’t, so I don’t remember that either,” said Shastri.

He believed franchisee cricket is  the future of T20 cricket. “Where I am coming from is: you play franchise cricket around the globe; each country is allowed to have their franchise cricket, which is their domestic cricket, and then, every two years, you come and play a World Cup,” he explained.

“That’s the future. It could be tomorrow – 140 games, split 70-70. In two seasons,” Shastri said on the suggestion of two IPL seasons in a year. You never know. That’s the way it’s going to go. That’s the way it’s developed as a beast of a property. And you cannot hide away from that,” he further added.