‘Received Hate Letters’ – Phillip DeFreitas reveals how racism made him down

By Bet Barter

June 29, 2020

He played 44 Tests and 103 ODIs for England during his 11-year vocation at the universal level.

Phillip DeFreitas
Phillip DeFreitas

Black Lives Matter movement across different pieces of the world in the wake of the passing of African American George Floyd. After the episode, a couple of cricketers have additionally raised their voice expressing that they confronted bigotry during their profession also. Darren Sammy and Michael Carberry are a couple of outstanding names and now previous England all-rounder Phillip DeFreitas has joined the fleeting trend.

He played 44 Tests and 103 ODIs for England during his 11-year vocation at the worldwide level. Be that as it may, DeFreitas was forced to bear a great deal of torcher in the event that he is to be accepted. Reviewing his startling experience of bigotry, the 54-year-old said that he got different demise dangers and was additionally taken steps to kill him in the event that he plays for England.

DeFreitas additionally expressed that he couldn’t focus on his game because of the dangers. “I received hate letters from the National Front not only once, but I also received that two or three times saying, ‘If you play for England, we will shoot you’. I had police looking after my house. Well, I had a sponsored car with my name on it and I had to remove that. So can you imagine me driving down to London?

I’m in a hotel two days before a Test match at Lord’s and I’m thinking, do I play or don’t I? Am I going to have a sniper?” Phillip DeFreitas said.

I had no help, I had no support, reveals Former England cricketer

Be that as it may, regardless of the considerable number of obstacles, DeFreitas figured out how to play for his nation for a long time and furthermore picked 140 Test and 115 ODI wickets separately from scoring in excess of 1500 runs joined in both the configurations. Also, he is pleased with what he accomplished in his vocation. In any case, Phillip DeFreitas additionally said that he had no help during these extreme occasions and needed to manage it all alone.

“How can I focus on playing cricket for England with all that but with my determination, I would not allow those people to beat me ever. I had no help, I had no support; had to deal with that all on my own, it hurts quite a lot. I remember going home to my Mum and saying ‘I don’t feel like I belong there’. But I’m proud of what I achieved,” he added.

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