Red, White and Pink – The History of Cricket Balls

By Bet Barter

August 6, 2020

Two of these tools in cricket sports go hand in hand. We know one as bat and the other as ball. Both of them have equal importance in the game. This ball has given the cricket fans of the world some of the most famous bowling gems. We have got bowlers like Shane Warne, Anil Kumble, Shoaib Akhtar, Muttiah Muralitharan, Curtly Ambrose, Sir Richard Hadlee, and many legendary bowlers.

Cricket Balls in Old days

You know very well how the cricket balls, the professional ones, look like these days. But we are sharing a secret with you. These balls did not look like the present-day when someone has invented them in the old days. Balls have come down from a long path and have evolved for a big amount. According to various experts and historians, not just a single person had invented and developed this playing thing. Many persons have gradually developed it and made it better for the cricketer to play.

The experts specified the overall size and weight of the cricket balls during the first formal laws written for cricket sport in 1744. The balls of the 18th century can identify as the predecessor of the modern-day ball. Many fans know that the balls used during the 19th century do not differ much from the present day.

You might have seen that the balls, whether they are red, white, or pink, have basic composition. Their composition is constant since the age-old. The core of cricket is made up of cork. The cork lends weight and, it also lends bounce to the ball. Then the makers of balls layer them with tight strings and cover them by the leather case. They sew them slightly raising the thread to provide seam to the balls.

Red Ball in the Test Matches

The cricketers used red balls to bowl in all forms of cricket matches, including the test matches. They used the red balls till 1977. Red balls swing and seam when they are used early during the day matches. However, after using for some time, these red balls offer reverse-swing to the bowlers.

White Ball for the Limited Overs

After 1977, the floodlights came into cricket stadium and, the cricketers started to play matches at night. The makers and cricket experts introduced white balls in the World Series Cricket. In the modern-day, the cricketers and the organizers use the white ball in the day and night ODI matches.

Fans know that in the ODI matches today, both teams use two new balls. The reason for this that after playing for 25 overs, a ball gets old. This indicates that the ball is swinging much more in the day time. On the other hand, when the opponent comes to bat during the evening or night, the new ball offers more chances to score.

The Pink Ball is in trend

The pink ball is not used much often. Recently India played a day and night Test match with Bangladesh using a pink ball. The cricketers are using pink balls since 2009. They use it on a special occasion.

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