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Rishabh Pant reveals the story behind calling Tim Paine the ‘Temporary Captain’

By BetBarter Staff

April 18, 2022

Whenever Rishabh Pant is standing behind the stumps, especially in Test Cricket, he will always provide you doses of entertainment. He is often seen enjoying a great time and encouraging the bowlers from behind the stumps. At times, you would also see him giving it back the ones who try to sledge him and try to involve in any sort of altercation.

The 24-year old recently opened up on the 'Temporary captain' incident involving Tim Paine. The former Australian Test captain was talking about Pant's role in the national side during the Boxing Day Test in the 2019-20 Australian tour, but the roles soon flipped.

"You got a special guest today…come on manki (Mayank Agarwal). Have you heard a word, temporary captain? Hai mank (Mayank)? Have you heard the word temporary captain ever? You don’t need anything to get him out. He loves to talk, that’s the only thing he can do," he replied to Paine.

Recalling the incident on 'Pant-Mic'- a segment by Dream XI, Pant told Jemimah Rodrigues, "I was getting irritated because of that so I thought I’m gonna give him back. I don’t care who he is, I just have to play my cricket and I have to give him back. So that’s why I come up with all these different ideas."

Here is the video

This is not the only incident of Rishabh Pant's on-field antics behind the stumps that has gotten the fans talking. Pant also spoke about the incident when he sang the 'Spiderman Spiderman' song. Pant shared that he hoped for Chesteshwar Pujara to cast webs like Spiderman and grab the half-chances.

"Aise web phenko web (Throw a web-like this)", Pant was heard saying in the Brisbane Test against Australia. He followed it up by singing the Indian Spiderman song, "Spiderman Spiderman."