Ross Taylor believes, No harm in having a joint winner in an ODI World Cup

By Bet Barter

June 26, 2020

In the 2019 World Cup final, since as the best to have at any point chosen competition in its history. England figured out how to tie the objective of 242 that was set by New Zealand at the famous Lord’s.

Ross Taylor
Ross Taylor

Veteran New Zealand batsman Ross Taylor accepts there’s no damage in having a joint winner in an ODI World Cup.

In the 2019 World Cup, England figured out how to tie the objective of 242 by New Zealand. The Super Over likewise finished in a tie. England’s count of 22 limits against New Zealand’s 17 all through the competition helped the hosts win the title.

The antagonistic limit tally rule was condemned to the point that the International Cricket Council (ICC) in the end rejected it. It has corrected the playing conditions. The circumstance played out again and there would be extra Super Overs to choose the winner.

Ross Taylor quoted

“I’m still undecided in a Super Over in a one-day game, I think one-day cricket is played over such a long time that I have no problems in a tie being a tie,” Taylor was quoted.

“In T20, to continually go on is the right way to go. A bit like football or some other games, trying to get that win in, but I don’t think the Super Over is necessarily needed in a one-day game. I think you can have a joint winner.

“During the World Cup I actually went up to the umpires to say ”good game”, I didn’t even know there was a Super Over.

“A tie is a tie, I suppose you could have this argument either way, but in a one-day game I think if you can go 100 overs and still have someone equal at the end I don’t think a tie is a bad thing,” he added.

The Black Caps have been associated with another three Super Overs in T20Is Since the World Cup final. New Zealand lost all of the super overs they played against England and India after the World Cup final.

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