Sachin Tendulkar and the reason behind teams chasing effortlessly in the 2nd half of IPL 2020

By Bet Barter

November 6, 2020

Sachin Tendulkar, the master blaster, has figured out and explained the noteworthy drop in temperatures of the United Arab Emirates has let the IPL teams chase down the targets in the second half of the ongoing IPL without even breaking a sweat. Everyone has noticed how well the teams are chasing down the targets during the second part of the tournament.

Recently, Tendulkar took to his mobile app ‘100 MB,’ where he has analyzed the first five weeks of the IPL 2020. Here he also mentioned the logical reason for the teams chasing better during the second half of the IPL.

Sachin Tendulkar gives a detailed explanation

Sachin Tendulkar explained that the IPL tournament began six weeks ago. The temperature back then was 6 degrees more than it is now. To sum up, in short, the temperature of the UAE has dropped by six degrees.

He further added that if someone notices the shadows, the positioning is such, sunset timing is different. All these situations have an effect on the pitch. Sachin revealed that the pitch temperature was earlier coming down in the second innings only.

The legendary Indian batsman, moreover, figured that owing to the early nightfall in the UAE, the pacers have help off the pitch, which wasn’t the situation in the first half of the tournament.  There is side movement off the deck. Consequently, the teams were able to play on the rise previously, are not able to do the same at present.

Sachin Tendulkar stated that as the teams were chasing at two venues, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, during the first part of the league; they were not successful. However, suddenly the chasing teams are consistently winning for the last 7 or 8 days.

Furthermore, due to the cooler atmosphere, dew has turned out to be a tremendous factor; owing to which the ball has recently slipped off the surface.

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