Sanjay Bangar and Ashish Nehra pick Rishabh Pant as an ideal replacement for MS Dhoni

Once there was a time, when Rishabh Pant had to take the heat of many cricket fans and critics due to his poor performance behind the stumps.

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Rishabh Pant

Rishabh Pant

Once there was a time when Rishabh Pant had to take the heat of many cricket fans and critics due to his poor performance. After MS Dhoni took a break after the World Cup 2019 Semi-Final match, Pant got behind the stumps but failed. However, now at the IPL 2020, Pant's performances and hard work for the Delhi Capitals have impressed his critics. Rishabh has contributed with 171 runs in 5 matches for his IPL side.

Rishabh Pant has worked hard on improving himself during the time of nation-wide lockdown due to the pandemic. That's showing great results for him in the ongoing IPL tournament.

Sanjay Bangar and Ashish Nehra are on the same page about Rishabh Pant

The former batting coach of India Sanjay Bangar said that, according to him, Rishabh Pant is the perfect choice to replace MS Dhoni in the Indian Cricket Team.

Bangar also explained that with the inclusion of Pant in the national team, India will get help in both the left and right-hand batting combinations.

“In terms of wicket-keeping, I think it would be Rishabh Pant. I think the way he started this year’s IPL and I think it is very important to have a left-hander as an option because for Team India when it comes to the middle order it helps to balance out the right-handers,”,

Bangar said.

Ashish Nehra, the former pacer of India, expressed a similar opinion and agreed with the idea of Rishabh Pant being back in the Indian Cricket Team.

Nehra has said that it entirely rests on which format the discussion is turning. If it is about Test cricket, and if someone wants to select the best wicket-keeper, then the mindset of the coach and captain should be considered. Nehra thinks that the Indian team should go ahead and select Rishabh Pant as the wicket-keeper. He needs that chance to play in international cricket. According to him, Pant needs the backing!

Along with Pant behind their stumps, DC will clash with Rajasthan Royals in their next game of IPL 2020.

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