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Sanjay Manjrekar shared his opinion on few rules in modern-day cricket

May 31, 2021

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Ankit Seth

Sanjay Manjrekar recently gave his opinion on some rules in modern-day cricket on Twitter.

In a passionate discussion with Manjrekar, Ravichandran Ashwin replied to his comments on free hits. Ashwin stated that free hits were good marketing tools. He also suggested that a free hit should be added each time a batsman leaves the non-striker's end early. He also added that a wicket off the free ball should reduce 10 runs from the bowler’s analysis and total.

Manjrekar on the other hand had opposed the concept of free hits. He had stated that free hits should be removed to maintain a balance in the game. Still, he agreed with giving the batsman a penalty for leaving early. But with free hits, the bowlers don’t get anything back.

Sanjay Manjrekar had previously written a column on tossing out free hits

Manjrekar had previously expressed his views in a column on certain rules in modern-day cricket that peeved him.

In the column too, he had opposed the concept of free hits as they are unfair to the bowlers. If the bowlers are even a centimeter over the line, then immediately a string of punishments is listed out to him.

He also highlighted how the use of helmets changed the way cricket was played. At present, the use of helmets gives an advantage to the batsman when they face the bowler. Previously there was the challenge of getting hit but that is no more in modern-day cricket. In the past, overcoming the fear of getting hit was the main concern. Everything used to pale in comparison to that.

Manjrekar praised the players who used to stand against the West Indies bowlers without helmets. He lauded them for being brave as only the very brave could stand up against the West Indian bowling attack without helmets.

Many cricket lovers and his fans reacted to his tweets criticizing the concept of free hits. Most people agreed with him and listed out points of their own on why free hits should be removed. Modern-day bowlers are not given any room to relax as compared to batsmen. One of them pointed out that sometimes when the ball hits the stumps; the batsman is not given an out. But no such liberty would likely be given to the bowlers.

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Written By,

Ankit Seth