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Sarfaraz Ahmed explains why he does not want his son to pursue Cricket

By BetBarter Staff

April 7, 2022

While being a cricketer has a great reputation and recognition, especially in South Asian countries, it also has huge challenges. Sarfaraz Ahmed, the former Pakistan captain is one such player who has seen many challenges. He was the captain of the team that won the 2017 Champions Trophy. However, a string of poor performances and Pakistan's horrible show in the 2019 World Cup saw him being dropped from the team. 

Ahmed is a proud father of his son, Abdullah, who is an ardent cricket fan. However, Ahmed has now expressed that he does not want his son to pursue cricket as a career. He said that playing cricket puts a lot of pressure and brings in lots of criticism.

"Abdullah is passionate about playing cricket. But, I don't want him to become a cricketer. Actually, being a cricketer, I suffered many things that I don't want Abdullah to face. It's human nature. Being a cricketer, I want my brother or son to be selected immediately. Otherwise, it hurts," Ahmed was quoted saying by Cricket Pakistan during an interview.

Sarfaraz claimed that Indian tennis ace Sania Mirza had told him about his son's ability. Sania, according to the former Pakistan captain, told him that his kid had the potential to be a professional cricketer. Sarfaraz continued saying that he wants his kid to achieve goals by doing hard work. "A lot of people said to me that Abdullah is talented and I should let him play cricket. Moin Bhai had praised Abdullah's skills, also, Sania Mirza once told me that Abdullah has the potential to become a cricketer. But, I want him to achieve his goals by working hard. Nobody should give him an easy way just because he is my son," Sarfaraz added.