Shocking! Gunman of Lionel Messi fire shots at his wife’s businness before leaving a handwritten note

By Daniel S

March 2, 2023

In a shocking piece of news, star Argentine football legend Lionel Messi’s gunman has attacked a business in Rosario owned by Messi’s wife. Notably, Antonela Roccuzzo runs a supermarket in their hometown Rosario of Argentina. Just after the shoot-out, the shooters happened to leave a handwritten note for the 35-year-old.

CCTV  cameras at the location spotted two guys on a bike; they entered the premises of the supermarket and started firing on the metal shutters at the main door and the windows around that.

According to the reports, the count of shots was almost more than six bullets that were used in shooting at the supermarket. Later on, the accused guys also left a handwritten note: “Messi. We are waiting for you. Javkin is not going to look after you.”

For the unversed, Pablo Javkin is the incumbent mayor of the city of Rosario. The local media reports understood that the shooters and Messi’s accused gunman could have been there with the intent of extorting money from the recently throned World Champion skipper.

In the aftermath of this shoot-out, the particular supermarket of Messi’s wife will remain closed on the next day. Apart from this, the Argentine right-winger also has a big mansion to his name in the outer region of the city of Rosario which is named, “The Fortress”.

Talking about football, Messi guided Argentina to the third title win in the history of the FIFA World Cup. La Albiceleste clinched the FIFA World Cup by defeating the then defending champions France to win a FIFA title after a long wait of 36 years since they won last time under the captaincy of the former legendary mid-fielder Diego Maradona.

Messi himself played a very crucial role in Argentina’s victory in the final with his stunning heroics both in the main time of the match; followed by the penalty shoot-out.