Some bizarre reasons why the 2007 Cricket World Cup is remembered

April 28th, 2007 has been one of the world cup cricket's most divisive days. It was the final day of the 2007 Kensington Oval Cricket World Cup in Bridgetown.

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World cup 2007

World cup 2007

April 28th, 2007, has been one of the World Cup cricket's most divisive days. It was the final day of the 2007 Kensington Oval Cricket World Cup in Bridgetown. That was a day of good hard cricket among the two best tournament teams, Australia and Sri Lanka, who had repeated their clash 11 years earlier in the 1996 World Cup Final. The match, however, is remembered for all of the wrong reasons.

In general terms, the 2007 Cricket World Cup was the lowest attractive tournament event and the hype anticipated from a global event like the World Cup was never met before with the removal of sluggish pitches, high-priced tickets as well as major teams like India and Pakistan. And if you add the death of Bob Woolmer to it, you will understand why you still remember it for all the bad points.

Before the final, Australia demonstrated its dominance in winning the 10 games in its group and the 8 before South Africa took part in the semifinals. They were the last two World Cup champions and they wanted to make a hat-trick in the World Cups. That would be the first time a team would get a hat-trick. Sri Lanka managed to play very well, got second in the super-eight by winning five matches out of seven. Nature helped create the very first hit on the day of the finals. It rained as well and the match was postponed. That was a 38-over match when it finally began.

Australia set a mammoth target for Sri Lanka

Then Adam Gilchrist, 35, really don't go to the final in large shape but discovered his charm from the day he cumbered. There were no bowlers he respected, but every corner of the ground was shot. With thirteen 4's and 8 sixes, Gilchrist managed to score 149 runs in about 104 deliveries. One of many other glorious batting performances this season in the World Cup finals. He eventually discovered that he had a squash game from within his gloves to assist his grip. Of course, there were certain questions regarding the issue of his action, rather than playing inputs of the caliber based on a grip.

Australia ended in 38 over’s with the mammoth 281/4 at the run rate of 7.39 overviews. Sri Lanka began quickly but never scored behind the target at seven runs. Further rain dropped the game to a 36-off competition and the revised Sri Lankan target was 269. At the final moment of the 33rd over, Sri Lanka were all at 206/7 but rather needed an implausible 63 runs more over the upcoming three overs.

That's when nature once more decided to intervene. The umpires decided that brightness wasn't enough to proceed with the match. After that bad light came to an end the Australians began to celebrate. They felt that the match was over 20 and the D / L method got far ahead of them.

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