'That’s almost as bad as a two footed tackle' - Fans react as Sergio Ramos presents Shakira an award for diss track on Gerald Pique

Renowned singer Shakira, also known for her theme song for the FIFA World Cup 2010 played in South Africa, was awarded for her diss track on her ex-partner.

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Gerald Pique with Shakira

Gerald Pique with Shakira (Image Credit: Twitter)

Renowned singer Shakira has been awarded for her diss track on her ex-partner and former Barcelona player, Gerald Pique. Both were together for 11 years, a year after her famous theme song for FIFA World Cup 2010. Last year, the couple split following Pique's admission about his new partner. Following this, the renowned walked out of the relationship alongside her two kids.

In the song, her children's ex-nanny was fired by Pique without any pay. Apart from her, the children's seven-year-old son Sasha and nine-year-old boy Milan also featured. This song has been awarded three times previously. During the recent award ceremony, both children gave their mum a high-five.

The award was presented to them by Pique's former Spain team-mate and Real Madrid rival Sergio Ramos.

The two men both won Euros twice (2008 and 2012) and the World Cup (2010) together playing in defense for their country - but they had years of tussles as Barcelona and Madrid battled it out for the top prizes.

At Thursday's awards, Shakira said: “I also want to share this with my Spanish public.

“You have been there accompanying me through the good and the bad, in difficult moments.”

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