Test Cricket will stand the test of times

Cricket's origin lies somewhere in the Dark Ages- probably after the Roman Umpire, almost certainly before the Normans invaded England.

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Test cricket

Test cricket

Cricket's origin lies somewhere in the Dark Ages- probably after the Roman Umpire, almost certainly before the Normans invaded England. It is also certain Cricket has its head somewhere in Northern Europe. The game got developed as a good past time. Slowly and steadily, many more changes came in Cricket, and it became a full entertainment sport. Years ago, when ODI got introduced, it was a general idea that Test Cricket would eventually die. Surprisingly, years after, it is still holding its fort. It has withstood the onslaught of T20 cricket.

What happens in T20?

T20 batsman tries hard to hit 6s and 4s, but they are not enough for popularity. T20 gives the spectators lots of 6s and 4s, but there are already signs of fatigue among the spectators. A boundary does not impress the crowd as it used to excite them a few years ago. Most of the wickets in T20 are batsman's mistake rather than bowler's skill. There is no doubt fans crave sensational bowling performances with lots of swings, bounces, good length ball, and genuine spin, which can be offered only by Test Cricket.

The young generation feels that the Test cricket series is lengthy, but there are many exciting phases. Almost every home has Smart TV; the fans can record the match, choose exciting stages, and enjoy them. And, if sporty wickets get prepared, we will have a lot of result-oriented games. Like T20, if the night matches get introduced, they will undoubtedly attract more fans.

What about the test cricket series?

The Test cricket series is typically played almost for two months, and between two nations, it leaves long-lasting evergreen memories. People still cherish the memories of Test series played between India and Pakistan or between England and Australia, whereas T20 can never come near the hype around an Ashes series or Border Gavaskar trophy. Even the so-called most thrilling T20 matches get easily forgotten in a few months.

In Test series matches, the best teams can have off days; what happens in T20 is that even a lowly ranked team can beat the World's number one team on a given day. It is nothing more than a lottery. On the other hand, Test Cricket allows every team to come back in the match. There is no doubt that winning a test match can never be a fluke, so to beat a top-ranked team, the other team has to be good. It is the reason that Test cricket is always more competitive.

As of now, the administrators like BCCI are reluctant to conduct test matches with an excuse that test match popularity has been declining day by day, and it does not have tremendous income potential. Still, time will come when fatigue sets in for T20. It will undoubtedly make the administrators realize that they can earn more money by promoting Test cricket because one gets five in a match for income via TV rights tickets etc.

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