The Battle of Decade – Steve Smith and Virat Kohli

By Bet Barter

September 21, 2020

These are the number of Tests and ODI runs hit by Virat Kohli (7240 + 11867) and Steve Smith (7227 + 4162). It’s a remarkable thing to have those numbers for a player in the mid-30s. Virat Kohli started his career as a batsman and Steve Smith started his career as a batsman and an off-spinner. In all events, what these two have done in their cricketing careers in the last two decades has fully turned them into game legends. Although, the connexion is always superfluous by the player.

Every generation has a wide range of Hadlee-Dennis Lillee rivalries, Kapil Dev vs Imran Khan, McGrath vs. Wasim Akram, Dale Steyn vs. Brett Lee, and Sachin vs. Lara, perhaps the best rivalries in long cricket history. Changing ages, changing rules, new players turning up. Any time fans like to evaluate teams.

In the last two decades, it would be Virat Kohli vs. Steve Smith if there was one rivalry that compares with and rivalries from past times. As a matter of weakness, which is stronger than most, these two players have demonstrated something that seems unbelievable in recent years. So who is the better player between Steve Smith and Virat Kohli, towards the end of their careers?

In any event, let us look at these two players’ stats to see who is better than others:

Runs scored on home grounds

Running in the home is quite a simple job compared with abroad. He must make the fight more talkative with the home crowd, circumstances, knowledge of the home paths, and many other advantages. Virat Kohli has done 39 home tests where he scored 3558 runs on average, including 10 fifties and 13 hundred, of a total of 68,42. On the other hand, Steve Smith has taken 34 tests at his home country, collecting an average of 3344 runs of 71,15, including 12 fifties and 13 centuries.

Runs scored on foreign grounds

The game conditions differ. A batsman needs to adjust to those conditions in order to determine his strengths. In 47 tests, Virat Kohli scores 3682, with an average 44, 36, 12 fifties and 14 hours, while playing in other countries. In overseas conditions, Virat Kohli scored the highest of 200. On the other hand, Steve Smith has 3883 studies in 39 nations, with an average of 57.10, 1300, and 17 50 on the other hand. In the overseas conditions, Steve Smith has the highest score of 215.

Runs in ODIs

Test cricket runs on one day with limited overhead, batting-friendly conditions, and power plays are very different.

Since its debut in 2008, Virat Kohli has registered 11867 runs at average 59,34, with a career-best score of 183, of which 43 centuries and 58 fifties.

Since its debut in 2010, Steve Smith has achieved 4,162 runs in 125 ODIs, averaging 42, 47, of whom 900 and 25 were in the top 164 careers.

Smith has obviously played fewer games than Virat Kohli in ODIs so it is very early to start a comparison with these two golden levels.

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