The day of six sixes in Indian Cricket

By Bet Barter

August 12, 2020

Indian cricket history witnessed another milestone in September 2007 when Yuvraj Singh blazed six sixes in a row to shatter the bowling line up of England in International T20. It was a stellar performance by our lad from Punjab, who even scored the fastest 50 runs in mere 12 balls. Though this spectacular show happened almost 13 years ago, but till today, cricket fans all over the world vouch for the utter magnificence of that fiery match.

What happened that day?

That day in Durban, Yuvraj was sharing the crease with skipper MS Dhoni and India was hanging strong at 159/3 in 18th over. Both the teams were high on adrenaline and frequent verbal sparks were happening on the field. The sledding took an awkward turn in the day when English all-rounder Andrew Flintoff was not able to digest the two boundaries Yuvi shot in the 18th over. The verbal spat between them sparked off which led to intervention by Dhoni & umpires to separate the duo from the altercation.

Sparks flew off the field

As per the interview given, Yuvraj recalled that both of them exchanged ugly verbatims to infuriate each other. While Flintoff remarked on Yuvi’s batting by calling his boundaries as poor shots, Yuvi also retaliated in same sarcastic manner. ‘I will cut your throat off when you come outside’. Flintoff bellowed while the reply from Yuvi about hitting him with a bat made the whole atmosphere obnoxiously hot. Quick interruption and mediation by the umpires diluted the heat of that moment. However, this was enough to pump up our boy. He then punished the next bowler Stuart Broad mercilessly by hitting six-a- ball in that over.

Deadly over it was

Every ball of that next over was sent out of the field magnanimously by Yuvraj Singh. He got his name registered in the history of international cricket. The 19th over of that inning churned 36 runs by Yuvraj who made sure to castigate the England team with his six sixes in a row. As the pacer Broad, delivered the first ball of the over, Yuvi sent it high to deep mid-wicket. The next one he deliver over the backward square leg while the third delivery took over the wide long-off. The fourth ball was a full-toss and he hammers it over deep point. While the fifth one was hook over square leg. Broad almost surrendered by the last ball of the over. And the sixth one deposited over the deep mid-wicket while meeting the same fate as last five balls.

Soaring scoreboard paved the win

An unbelievable strike rate of 416.7 was demonstrated by our left-handed batsman. He scored 58 runs out of just 16 balls. The total score for the team was 218/4. India grabbed a whopping win against England by 18 runs in that match and eventually lifting the trophy that series.

Hall of fame

Till date, the record of scoring the fastest fifty in T20 matches in the history registered against the name of our lefty batsman, Yuvraj Singh.

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