The Heartbreaking Cricket Matches in the History

Some experienced players show more personalities and handle the pressure, while some players get caught up in it and deteriorate their games.

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New Zealand cricket

New Zealand cricket

Some experienced players in cricket show more personalities and handle the pressure, while some players get caught up in it and deteriorate their games, representing their country on the international stage, not disappointing the fans, and winning the game for your team with so much pressure. And the second scenario changes the momentum of the game.

The fans who participate so often in this game expect their favorite team to win every match, but if the outcome is the other way round, the fans won't take this lightly.

The team doesn't win all the games and can often be the second-best despite the fact that it plays its hearts hard, which definitely is difficult to deal with not only with the players but also with the die-hard fans. We have seen some matches where all of us looked forward to seeing the next ball.

Here we are looking at the most disappointing matches not only that have disappointed the fans, but also the players. And players struggled to maintain their tears on several occasions as well.

New Zealand Vs South Africa

The sentimental semi-final for both New Zealand and South Africa of the ICC 2015 World Cup is certainly not forgotten by the cricket family. The rain god again had an effect on the match as the game decreased to a mere 43 times a day. Following the Trent Boult early skirts, Faf establishes an important relationship with Rilee Rossouw. As Boult and Matt Henry prevailed, both batsmen swarm the strain instead of succeeding. They were called on to replace Adam Milne at the last minute. Mccallum and Guptill explosive batsmen in Kiwi crushed bowlers in all parts of the country. New Zealand scored 71 in the first six overviews. The Kiwis were subsequently forced into 149/4.

The composite innings Elliott and Corey Anderson who went to rescue were played and put in the place of authority on a stand of 103. Subsequently, the equation drops to five of 2 balls. The next ball was hit by Elliott in an amazing home campaign to the co-hosts. Elliot smashed the next six.

South Africa vs. England

In 1992, they faced England at the Sydney Cricket Ground at the World Cup semifinals. One side event had an interesting twist, with South Africans having had to qualify for the World Cup Final in 22 cycles of 13 balls. The dressing room in South Africa looked pleased.

But the God of rain did not welcome the qualifying South Africa in the final. After the rain stopped D / L, the equation dropped to the famous 22 1-ball runs. The objective for any team was unlikely, which led to the loss of South Africa in 19 runs.

Australia vs. India

For MSD-the captain, 2015 wasn't a great cricket year. And the 2015 World Cup speculation was going to be Dhoni's last fight. India was performing well in the semis tournament. And all of India would play the dominant Australians. Australia decided to fight first after winning the toss.

Warner was lost early by the hosts. They didn't look back from there. A partnership of 185 was formed by Finch and Smith. Maxwell, Watson, and Johnson then helped Australia set a record of 328 mammoths. India wanted the tournament's most effective chase, but it also had some of the world's finest chasers. The 76 runs between Shikhar and Rohit were a good start to India.

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