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The Hundred: Here’s everything you need to know about the rules

By BetBarter Staff

July 17, 2021

ECB’s experimental tournament, ‘The Hundred’ has created a lot of buzz ever since it was announced. It was set for a blockbuster start in 2020 but was postponed due to the pandemic. The showpiece event, however, will see daylight when Oval Invincibles and Manchester Originals cross swords in the opening encounter of the showpiece event at Kennington Oval in London on July 21. The tournament is one of its kind and will see several unique rules, including hundred ball innings, being implemented.

As per the new rules, two sets of five balls will be bowled from one end. If the skipper wants, he can ask the same bowler to bowl both sets. Also, the 'umpires’ will have to call ‘five’ at the end of each set, unlike in normal games where they call 'over'. At the end of every set of ‘five’ the umpires will make use of a white card, which they will hold up to inform players, scorers, broadcasters and crowds of the completion of the set.

The teams will be given a 50-second break after every 10 balls as the players will change field. Meanwhile, the toss will not be held in middle of the ground but at the stage for DJ’s and live entertainment. There will be a 25-ball powerplay after which the fielding side can call for a two-minute strategic timeout. The 'Hundred' will be the first English domestic tournament that will see DRS being implemented. No balls will be monitored by the third umpire.

In case of slow ‘five’ rates, the umpires can impose a penalty and the team will have to field with one less fielder outside the circle. In case of rain-marred matches, the Duckworth-Lewis system will be used. If a match between two teams is tied in group stage, points will be shared. If a match ends in a tie in knockouts, ‘Super Five’ will be played. If the ‘Super Five’ is tied, another one will take place. If the second one also ends in a tie, then the team with higher group standing will be declared winners.