The Last of Us 2: Complete analysis

By Miguel Prazeres

June 19, 2020

In 2013, no one could have imagined the tremendous success The Last Of Us would have. Naughty Dog’s game had a huge impact on the industry, driving millions of fans around the world. June 19 marks the release date of part 2, and we give you a complete analysis of what you can expect from one of the most awaited games of the year.

7 years after the first release, Naughty Dog launches the second chapter of this exclusive franchise of PlayStation 4.

TLOF 2: Pain, despair, hope and fight for survival

History goes 5 years after the previous chapter, once again exploring the relationship between Ellie and Joel.

Both live in a community in Jackson, Wyoming, trying to keep safe from a terrible fungus that devastates the world for decades. Besides people infected, there’s still the human side that needs to be controlled under these conditions.

In this chapter, we’ll have access to a fantastic adventure in Seattle. You’ll see some new details like grown vegetation surrounding the city, that you can explore with your horse.

In a survival game, it’s crucial to explore every corner, searching for important resources that can keep you alive. From ammunition to new character abilities that you can unlock, everything you can find and collect we’ll define your progression.

One of the curious things in the game is the possibility to collect superhero stickers, that can give you special abilities.

As for gameplay, you’ll continue to have the option for a stealth mode approach. Giving the new scenarios of higher vegetations in most of the places, you can use it in your favor to surprise your enemy. That way you can save important resources, like ammunition. You can listen and see your enemies at a distance, their shadows, and prepare your attacks.

From pistols to knives, baseball bats, or simply pieces of wood, it’s incredible to feel the impact of the attacks on your enemy. Even on stealth mode, you can feel your attacks.

Naughty Dog had their attention in every detail, producing something that is above everything you ever saw in the market.

The Last of Us Part 2 is something special and definitely one of the best titles in PlayStation 4 this year. It’s available from today and you simply cannot miss it.

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