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The League of Millions: Which are the most profitable football leagues in the world?

By Miguel Prazeres

August 10, 2020

The world's biggest football leagues are responsible for generating millions of euros in profit. Football entities distribute large amounts of money, but they are also in the front line concerning the revenues regarding huge sponsorships and licensing income. European competitions continue to be the richest leagues in the world. The first six most profitable championships in the world are in Europe. The Brazilian league is the first non-European in the ranking (7th position).

5- Serie A (Italy)

Juventus players celebrate another Serie A title

The Italian Serie A occupies the fifth place in the most profitable championships ranking. The home of iconic clubs like Juventus, AC Milan or Inter has a contract with the telecommunications company TIM that earns around 40 million euros/year. Cristiano Ronaldo, from Juventus and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, from Milan, are some of the most popular players in the world. Per year, it is estimated that the profits of the Italian Championship are around 2.1 billion euros.

4- Champions League

The official Champions League match ball

The most important continental tournament in the world has a significantly reduced number of games compared to traditional domestic leagues, but for one reason is called the millionaire league. Among the millions of euros distributed by the clubs, the tournament held by UEFA generates a revenue of around 2.2 billion euros each season. If there were any doubts, the status of one of the most prestigious football competitions in the world is justified.

3- Bundesliga (Germany)

Bundesliga trophy

The Bundesliga has been regaining its status among the major European championships in recent years. The well succeeds renewal in the German football allowed the championship to be today one of the most attractive and competitive in the world.

With that being said, Bundesliga currently occupies third place on this list but is getting closer and closer to the second place. Each year the Bundesliga generates around 3,9 billion euros with the giants as Bayern Munich in a prominent position.

2- La Liga (Spain)

La Liga trophy

La Liga is the home of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​the two most valuable brands in the football context. This fact is a guarantee that the Spanish championship is one of the most attractive championships every year. In addition to enormous advertising revenue, the two biggest clubs in the world guarantee huge profits in ticket sales, merchandising, and hundreds of other big advertising contracts with world-renowned companies such as banks, technology, sports equipment, or drinks. At the end of the year, La Liga revenue reaches 3.6 billion euros.

1- Premier League (England)

Jurgen Klopp and the Premie League trophy

Premier League is by far the number one in the world. The English Championship does not give a chance to the other competitors and almost doubles the revenues of direct persecutors. This stat is not a surprise if we consider the number of rich clubs that play there: Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal or Tottenham are some of the big ones that allow the Premier League to generate millions of euros in advertising revenue and television rights. Last year, the English top league generated around 6.3 billion euros in revenues, a trend that is expected to continue, since there is a prospect of new major investments. Newcastle could be the new rich club in the country.

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