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The long gap between WTC finals and the England Test would give India some time to refresh: Virat Kohli

June 4, 2021

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Virat Kohli stated that the gap between the WTC final and England tour would benefit the players. It would give time to the players to refresh themselves.

A few cricket experts questioned the gap between the WTC final and the five-match test series against England. There is more than a month gap between the two events. The WTC final would likely end on June 22 but the England Test series would begin from August 4.

At a virtual press conference, Virat Kohli addressed the issue. He stated that the major gap would work in the Indian team’s favor. After getting over with the WTC, it would be great for the players to restructure and refresh. The players would have to disconnect themselves and understand the pressure of the test series against England. He reasoned that similarly in Australia if they had to contest in a bubble, it would have been tough.

Kohli stated that the fact, players could go out and access the facilities in Australia helped a lot. It gave the players enough space to refresh and reset. Similarly, the gap in between the events of the England Tour would allow refreshing and resetting. It would allow the players to mentally prepare for a long series. Kohli further opined that it is important to have such a set-up before a lengthy series.

Players are allowed breaks if they don’t feel fine: Virat Kohli

The mental health of the players has become a hot topic of debate in the wake of the pandemic. It is because they have to live in bio bubbles for their safety. Moreover, for Indian players, then things would get tough with time. Indian team would have a very busy schedule starting with the England tour.

After the five-match test series against England, the players would have to feature in IPL 2021 phase 2. Immediately after the end of IPL, the Indian team would have to participate in the T20 World Cup. So, it would be a hectic schedule for the players.

Virat Kohli admitted that the mental health of the players is a serious issue. He said being confined makes it hard for the players to stay motivated and be in the right mental space. Kohli wants the consideration of the player's mental health to be a norm in the future. It would help the players to disconnect from the players at times instead of living under pressure. He wants his team members to have that option under his leadership and has kept the channel open. He concluded that the players can just ask for a break if they are not feeling up to the mark mentally.

After reaching England, the Indian team would have to stay in a managed isolation in an on-site hotel in Southampton. Regular Covid-19 tests of the players would get conducted during the isolation period. Only after that, the players would get a chance to get a look at the English conditions and start practice.

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