The most Famous Bowlers of Pakistan

By Bet Barter

September 1, 2020

There is undoubtedly continuity in Pakistan and the bowling in this cricket system over decades. Pakistan’s land is known for having bowlers of international standing. Either it was Waqar Younis with his idea for a “reverse swing” or a greatest all-around rider like Imran Khan with legendary left-arm pacer such as Wasim Akram. Though they had a decent bat batsman, Pakistan is still above all in the league with the bowling magic. With this next season, England is just a few weeks away-the list of 20 players involved in the season has been revealed by PCB.

With both the left-arm pacer including Wahab Raiz the team that played at the 2019 World Cup last time is back. Pakistan has been playing an interesting role over the last few years-two of those young blocks in the current squad, Usman Shinwari, and Shaheen Afridi looks like it-while is known for their fast pace, swinging, and seam movement skills in bowling.

It will play eleven in the speculation about Mohammed Amir, but he was unable to hit the top 20 player list. Amir will join the practice session and team in the next series along with eight other players.

It was quite surprising that players like Mohammed Amir a leading wicketkeeper in conjunction with Pakistan’s pacer leads the wicket match against England. In his 10 games, Amir took 38 wickets with a spell of 6/84 to play England.

Look back just at bowlers in most challenging formats with many wickets in the match against England.

Imran Khan

There were only a few great players who justified the All-rounder’s tag very well, but players like Imran Khan justified it completely. The attributes such as pure agility, leadership, and a combination of balls to speak and walk make him the most flamboyant player of his time.

The Imran Khan played 88 tests, 382 wickets with a running career of a top-ranking of 8/58, on average 22.81. He was brilliant in 10 tests, playing against England, and he took 47 wicket trains with 10 wicket trains and 45 wicket trains.

Abdul Qadir

One can be a great fast bowler or a flamboyant genius in cricket. Other than these two factors, it is less likely than any other player in the game will succeed. But before the time of Muttiah Muralitharan and Shane Warne, there was Abdul Qadir who was a master of spin bowling. Abdul Qadir, a leg-spin genius in a fast bowler age.

He was the unplayable bowler in his day, a pure race of leg-spin consistency and with variations such as Googlies in his bowling.

Abdul Qadir has been testing 67, taking 236 wickets with just a career-best 9/56 sequence.

Wasim Akram

 He created the most disruptive bowling pairs at the beginning of the 1990s together with Waqar Younis. The ability to shift the fresh and new ball makes him unplayable bowlers of the time and takes an amazing height for the Pakistan team. 

During 104 tests for Pakistan, Wasim Akram took 414 wickets at an average of 23.62 with a best career spell of 6.119. Wasim Akram often performed with 57 Wickets in 18 games against England, for the English County teams Hampshire and Lancashire.

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