New normal in the world of cricket – empty stadiums and saliva ban

By Bet Barter

September 4, 2020

The cricket board’s announcement to start the Indian Premier League (IPL) has brought a sensation among India’s cricket lovers. The long-awaited event will undoubtedly be a relief from the monotonous routine of daily life. But, the matches will be played without the noisy reveling crowds. This indeed would be one thing deeply missed by everyone.

The International Cricket Council held virtual sessions with all the stakeholders on the resumption of cricket matches under the shadow of the Coronavirus pandemic. The board was unable to make a final decision when to hold the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup. Finally, the ICC permitted BCCI to organize the IPL.

New rules in Cricket

The ICC has imposed specific new rules for Cricket. The latest law has been imposed on the ban of saliva during the play. Over the decades, it has seen how intensive had been the use of saliva by all the fielders and the bowlers to keep the ball shinning. There is no doubt that saliva can be a direct trigger for COVID-19 spread. Therefore its use has been banned forthwith. It will undoubtedly affect the pacer very adversely, and perhaps the dry ball will be a great help for the spinner.

Some rejections that came straight

The suggestions for using external substances got rejected mainly because the international cricket bodies had opposed this tooth and nail for years. One more request for allowing a new ball for every fifty overs in Test matches is also under consideration.

The ICC has also waived off to appoint neutral umpires in the international series. So, the extensive globetrotting can get prevented that the international referees had to embark. Home umpires will now do the job. The ICC has taken one another critical decision to allow COVID substitute in the test matches five days. On the off chance that any player shows any flu, cough, or fever indications during the period, will be out of the game. A substitute player will be permitted to have his spot. This standard won’t get applied for the IPL and T20’s.

Some other new cricket norms will also include various other demonstrative physical attributes of the game. The huddles by the rival teams that we have witnessed in competitive cricket in recent years will no longer be allowed. Due to Corona, the players will not get permitted to display physical excitement.

In the case of fall of a wicket, or a hat-trick or a superlative catch or scoring a ton, all sorts of hugging, shake hands, even the dressing room celebrations get banned till Corona makes it happen otherwise. The players have to play without spectators in the empty stadiums. There will be no excitement, no banners, no flag-displaying by the cricket-loving crowds. It would undoubtedly be a daunting challenge to keep the players’ competitive spirit. Unfortunately, the ICC has no other option, and the cricketers will have to adapt so that the sport resumes.

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