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The resumption of IPL 2021 proves that BCCI always gets its way even at the cost of players.

By Bet Barter

May 31, 2021

There is a wave of excitement throughout the country after the announcement of IPL 2021 phase 2 dates. The initial reaction of excitement among the fans was expected. But the resumption of the league in September October may not be in the best interest of everyone involved.

According to some officials, the BCCI lost nearly 2000 cr rupees due to the abrupt suspension of IPL 2021.  Thereby, it was never ruled out that the BCCI would go to any length to make the IPL happen. It is an ultimate gold mine for the BCCI.

On the other hand, in its pursuit to recover the financial loss, the BCCI  has thrown the players under the bus. It might not go down well for the board in the future.

The IPL which has now been rescheduled to take place in September October would be sandwiched between two major events. Just before the IPL, the Indian players would complete a test series against England. However, immediately after the League finishes, the T20 World Cup would start from the end of October.

A lot of Indian players would have to play non-stop cricket before the IPL

India will play in the World Test Championship final against New Zealand on 18th June. The England test would be right after the championship final. It also means that the players would have to go through numerous quarantines from June to mid-November.

The main concern aside from everything else is for the all format cricketers. Cricketers like Jasprit Bumrah, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma would not get any break from playing.

Back in 2009 and 2010, the BCCI was guilty of similar scheduling

The IPL was held just before the T20 World Cup which led to a below-par performance from the Indian players. The players looked tired and burn out during those tournaments. Moreover, the staging of IPL 2021 at the announced period would cross with the schedule of several international series.

Recently, England announced that English players would not be allowed to participate in IPL 2021 phase 2. They would want to give their players a chance to recover and rest for T20 World Cup.

Another challenge for the BCCI is to get the players of CPL on board. The CPL is scheduled to end on 19th September. So, the players from CPL would directly fly to another bio bubble from there. In addition to that,  West Indies have welcomed Australia, Pakistan, and South Africa to tour. It would be interesting to see how the players choose to play in the IPL 2021 with those events following close by.

The BCCI also ignored the fact that holding the IPL 2021 in UAE would make the pitch there sluggish. It would irk the ICC if the T20 World Cup has to be moved from India to UAE. The playing conditions in UAE would not be ideal after hosting a major event. The ICC would then have to contend with that if the venue is changed due to the surge in a pandemic in India.

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