The Rising Cricket Stars

Top cricket stars are gifting us a lot to expect. First, their accomplishment holds us in a match or tournament at the edge of our seats.

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Sep 21, 2020 08:39 IST
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Cricket - Shubman Gill

Cricket - Shubman Gill

There have always been great young players on the way to the cricket world. For various reasons, in recent years these eight players have made their name in cricket. Top cricket stars are gifting us a lot to expect. First, their accomplishment holds us in a match or tournament at the edge of our seats. And second, they give us the requisite confidence to place bets without sweating. This is because both the most common ways to bet on cricket are balancing betting and winning markets.

With those players still stardom and the pace of their 100 + strike rate is flourishing, they will be the players to keep up with when it comes to making real money bets. Here are the stars that will be on the rise for the 2020 cricket.

1. Rachin Ravindra

At the age of 16, Ravindra played in Bangladesh for the first time. This gave him the nickname of New Zealander, the youngest to appear. The audience was impressed with his left-arm turn during his show. Two years later he returned to the World Cup. Due to his incredible success, he was trapped in New Zealand’s 'A' set-out. At 19 he debuted List A against Pakistan A in Dubai for New Zealand. As you can see in 2018, he played 117 against Kenya and 76 against South Africa, among the best of New Zealand's.

2. Jofra Archer

Archer decided to make a glittering 3–22 breakthrough toward Mumbai Indians, which proves his weight in gold worth the high price tag paid for him by the Royal - INR 6.2 crore. The 24-year-old fast bowler wows fans as a lower-order batsman with its fast speed and athletic field.

Born in Barbados, his English father holds British citizenship. Archer was only able to enter the Cricket World Cup in 2019 as the British and Wales Cricket Boards changed their rules of qualification from 7 to 3 years of residence. Archer was given the chance to help England win a trophy after 44 long years, thanks to this new qualification.

3. Avishka Fernando

First, in the 2016 World Cup of the Under-19, the 21-year-old batsman with a hard-hitting right hand looked at the world of his success. In the quarter-finals, he had a game-winning 95 balls against England. After that, he got his first call to the national ODI team for several centuries in a bilateral series.

4. Shubham Gill

A man in command named Shubham Gill as he goes in to bat is the trendy right hand with a bottom hand grip. He soon was raised to senior level as a winning member of the U-19 World Cup team in India.

As he works to smooth the new change, he will concentrate his main work on scoring the runs in U-19 cricket with the same ease. The twenty-year-old has a bright view. He played a total of 11 matches till now in his career and has scored more than 400 scores also including his 7 50’s.

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