The Story of the Royal Challengers Bangalore

The IPL trophy for the RCB team is one thing Virat Kohli wishes to achieve well before concluding his cricket life.

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The IPL trophy for the RCB team is one thing Virat Kohli wishes to achieve well before concluding his cricket life. Well, we have to say about RCB history until now, that they split the hearts from the very first season. Chris Gayle’s highest individual score is 175 not outs a total of 263/5, and most of the runs in one season by Virat Kohli-993 runs, most of which are kept in one – 37 runs by Chris Gayle in 2011. And, for once, the cup wasn't lifted. Three finalists and three lost, how could the team lose three finals?

Teams’ Talent and Team Work

On these three occasions, Bangalore was the favorite of Royal Riders to collect the prize, but something went wrong and everything went in vain. In addition to these 3 seasons, they were either at the bottom of the table and the second last position in the other season. The world-class team with Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli, and AB de Villiers looked fine, but in the team selection process there are obvious flaws. Most of the time, the line-up will make every game win. This is why the Bangalore team, the Royal Challengers, never won a trophy.

Here are a few things with which I figure most would concur:

  • In this upcoming season of 2020, you will shift your captain to "IPL" to perform individually as a player.

  • The fact that they don't perform all-rounder’s in your squad affects the balance of the Royal Challengers Bangalore star roster. Keep the high expectation that in the coming season of the cash-rich League they will come with all-round consistency.

  • In their squad, they don't have other pastures such as Mitchell Starc and Dale Steyn to defend huge amounts such as 200 over the past few seasons.

  • What people think really bad about Bangalore (RCB) is that the entire team is reliant on just 2-3 players. They do not have the perfect median order.

  • No seasoned team members such as the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) have finished the game in the final part of the season; such as Suresh Raina and MS Dhoni.

  • The condition of the game is not the case for most of the teams.

  • Some fans say that the team is fine on the paper. It's a matter of bad luck that they haven't raised the Trophy. But I think in 2020 the image of the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) will change because they have champions in the team.

  • The poor selection of auction players, who you see picked up Yuvraj Singh for 14cr, but dropped it later; which puts a World-class player unsafe about his position in the team. It is another bad aspect of the Bangalore (RCB) administration. Everyone knows Yuvraj Singh, the former left-wing Indian midwife; who is the team that won't want a player like him on the bench for long.

  • Any time you rely on the top order to achieve a big score; Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) will never change his fortunes.

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