The Tale Relating the Story of Batting Gloves in Cricket

By Bet Barter

August 10, 2020

It is another story that people have been giving cricket the status of GOD in India. However, we as a whole, know that the game is worldwide energy.

The advancement in the game is expanding the rage step by step. Prior it was simply Test Cricket match and 50-50 one day cricket. Be that as it may, presently, the world plays Twenty20 Cricket alongside these two organizations and is eager about this particular configuration. Indeed, even nowadays the ordinary citizens can play cricket while watching a match through the different computerized mediums around the globe.

As the game has spread like fire, there are a couple of things the fans should think about its history to comprehend the game better. As one of the passionate enthusiasts of cricket in India, the present post is about the good old days when cricket gloves had first utilized. We should investigate:

First to wear a batting glove

As per a portion of the antiquarians, the first sportsperson to wear a batting glove was Bobby Thomson of the Giants. Mr. Thomson started wearing golf gloves during his spring training of the sport in 1949. Many historians and experts also claim that a man named Ted Williams had worn golf glove in the summer of 1953. He was the first person to wear it during his batting practice. This incident occurred after Williams returned to the Red Sox from Korea. 

The veteran sportswriter David Cataneo said that Williams’ administrator, Fred Corcoran was with Williams one day while he was taking additional batting practice to return fit as a fiddle

It was Corcoran who noticed many blisters on the hand of Ted Williams. He pulled a golf glove out of his bag for Ted. He gave it to Ted to try out and told him that the glove would keep his hand safe from the nasty blisters. Before long, everybody began wearing a golf glove while batting.

What different sources state?

Numerous sources propose, the main individual to wear a batting glove in cricket was Ken “Bird of prey” Harrelson. A couple of sources state Harrelson wore golf gloves from the outset in 1964 while playing for the Kansas City Athletics. Others refer to an anecdotal story, wherein Harrelson was with the Red Sox in 1968 and, not hoping to play in a night game, went through the early evening time playing golf. Showing up at the ballpark with rankled hands in the wake of shooting 27 openings, he was astounded to find himself first and foremost line up and picked wearing golf gloves to watch his delicate hands. The experts have claimed that Corroded Staub started wearing gloves every day, and he was the first one.

The batting gloves became so popular that they turned out to be the most vital part of the cricket game during the early 1980s. After some time, Franklin Sports end up being, and still stays in our day, the official batting glove in the world of cricket.

Along these lines, this was the tale of gloves!

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