The Three Examples of Instant Commentators turned to be a curse in the Cricket

It would be boring to watch the game of cricket without commentators. They give the game so much meaning.

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Cricket commentators

Cricket commentators

It would be boring to watch the game of cricket without commentators. They give the game so much meaning. However, their view or concept may often instantly become a fact in the field. It's not deliberate or intentional, just a coincidence. However, the term "commentator curse" was given to the scenarios explained below.

1) The Comments of Mark Nicholas on the player David Warner in South Africa vs. Australia Match at Perth in the year 2016

The first 3 cricket test between South Africa and Australia did not well begin for Proteas because on the first day they got bumped out for 242. At 156 without any loss at the end of 35 overcuts Australians were highly aggressive in their response. Dale Steyn took the ball and David Warner batted on the nine sevenths. Mark Nicholas, who then spoke, told the crowd that Warner had never been evaluated in the 90s. This unusual statement was the last commentator's curse as Warner bordered the next ball from Steyn to the player Hashim Amla. It was in the commentary box the dramatics scene. In reality, after the last wicket, Australia suffered a drastic collapse and lost the test match in the end.

2) The Comments of Michael Holdings on the player Harbhajan Singh in the NatWest Finals between India vs. England at Lord’s in the year 2002

Michael Holding was in the field for Sky Sports made a wonderful comment mostly during iconic NatWest finals in Lord's involving England and India. Yuvraj left and Indians sent Harbhajan with 59 balls required off 50 after a glittering partnership between Yuvraj and Kaif took India closer to the 326 scores. Holding said on air that India would have sent Zaheer rather than Harbhajan because Zaheer was better suited than Harbhajan to strike the cricket ball. It was more a blessing than just a curse, as Harbhajan shattered a huge six of Ashely Gile's first strike. Holding admitted in the air he obtained his reply and was now put back into his cage.

3) Sunil Gavaskar’s comments on the player Suresh Raina in the India vs. South Africa match at Cape Town in the year 2018

For a three-game T20I series in South Africa 2018, Suresh Raina was brought back to the Indian side. After two performances below par in both first T20Is, Raina was about to fall, but fortunately, Kohli was wounded and missed the decision-maker in Cape Town. Then Raina held his spot. Dhawan and Raina had formed a strong relationship by the 10th time, but the rates of the evaluation weren't that high. So, Gavaskar said it was all right to walk after the bowling, so it was all right, as India had 8 wickets in its hand if the batsman lost. Suresh Raina hit Shamsi on the third ball in the very running, but only to the bottom of the middle. On the occasion, the curse occurred to Raina, though unlike Gavaskar, a big shot sparked a collapse at that point.

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