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‘There will be cluster of wickets somewhere’ – Michael Vaughan advises England to stay patient on Day 3

By BetBarter Staff

September 4, 2021

The fourth Test between England and India is hanging in the balance right now. The visitors kind of restricted England's lead to just 99 in good batting conditions and then the openers - Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul - wiped ou 43 out of that by stumps. The pitch is looking absolutely flat at the moment and experts believe, after the first hour, it will be the best day to bat in the series.

However, former England cricketer Michael Vaughan has advised the hosts bowlers to be patient and has predicted a collapse of the Indian batting somewhere during the day. This four-man seam attack that England have, they have been all over this Indian batting line-up. We saw it in the second innings at Headingley.

"The Indians made it tough, they hung in there, then there was a collapse. I do think that if England stay patient, I do think there will be a cluster of wickets somewhere," Vaughan said on BBC's Test Match Special Podcast.

Moreover, Vaughan also warned the tentative Indian batsmen to not go poking in the channel as it will definitely swing in the first hour. A wicket or two early will make England the favourites but Vaughan also reckoned Rahul and Rohit are capable of seeing through the moving ball.

"The first hour is the key. It will swing more in the first hour. In terms of Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul, they have got the gift to be able to see off those balls that are bowled into that channel. We have seen continuously throughout this series how the England seamers are good enough to be able to control that channel. If they go chasing that channel too early when the ball is moving around, they will probably snick to the cordon," Vaughan added.