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Third Umpire makes a huge blunder in the Pakistan vs West Indies game

By BetBarter Staff

June 9, 2022

The game of cricket has evolved in every aspect, and technology has become a major part of it. The addition of the DRS system and No-ball system has made the lives of players, teams and umpires a lot easy. However, it can not be relied on completely. Technology cannot always be trusted, as has been proven several times.

More recently, an incident proved that mistakes can be made even with all sorts of technology available. During the game between Pakistan and West Indies, the broadcasters made a huge error in deciding the destiny of a batter.

Shaheen Afridi appealed for a caught and bowled dismissal in the third over of the West Indies innings, but Kyle Mayers stayed firm, saying otherwise. The on-field umpire was not satisfied either and sought assistance from the TV umpire. After reviewing multiple replays, the third umpire ruled in favour of the bowler. That meant Kyle Mayers had to leave the field. The West Indies innings finished with the visitors scoring 305/8 in 50 overs. However, a significant error was made that went undiscovered by everyone on the ground. Even the commentators missed it.

A few minutes later, a few social media users posted a few images detailing what went wrong. Shaheen Afridi could be seen bowling from around the wicket in one of the photos, which also included Kyle Mayers. Interestingly, this image was taken from the video utilised by the third umpire to determine whether the ball delivered to Mayers on which he was out was a valid delivery or not. As it turns out, the third umpire saw the replay from another delivery.

Here is the viral image

When watching the match highlights, it is evident that the third umpire made his judgement based on an incorrect replay. It’s unclear if the ball delivered to Mayers was legal or not. As for the match, Babar Azam scored a brilliant century to take his team through by five wickets.