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Throwback: When a girl kissed Mahendra Singh Dhoni

By BetBarter Staff

June 19, 2022

Mahendra Singh Dhonis was always known as a style icon when he came into the International arena, playing for his country. Even after got retired from the game, still female fans cheer for him. However, a surprising incident occurred in Kolkata in 2007 when India was there for a five-day conditioning camp before their tour of Bangladesh.

A girl, named Haseena Nasreeb Shiuli grabbed and kissed MS Dhoni after she broke the security cordon and took all by surprise with her action. Despite so much protection, this action was quite shocking for the player and other fans.

“I had come to see only Dhoni from Berhampore” – Shiuli

This girl lived in Berhampore, Murshidabad and he came to Eden Gardens with her friend Sweety to cheer Indian players. After the morning practice session, India was preparing to leave the stadium when MS Dhoni came down from the bus to give autographs. 

Then, this die-hard Dhoni fan hugged and kissed Dhoni. She had been cheering for Dhoni with a poster saying “I love you”. Police came into the act as they pulled her away from the cricketer and she broke into tears, screaming “Dhoni, Dhoni”.

Here is the video:

Speaking to a news reporter, she said that She had come to see MS Dhoni only. She said: “I had come to see only Dhoni from Berhampore (about 250 km from Kolkata). It is the most memorable day of my life. Dhoni advised me to go away because of the cops and said he is there for me,”

Shiuli also expressed her wish to marry this former Indian skipper. However, she was happy that MS Dhoni at least came to know about her and her love for him as his number one fan. Meanwhile, Prasun Mukherjee was the President of the Bengal Cricket at that time and he said that it would be better if not such things ever happen there. However, he said that it was quite natural from her side to express her love for Dhoni.