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Top most hated umpires in the history of cricket

June 7, 2021

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Umpires are one of the crucial men on-field during a cricket match. If an umpire has a good attitude and makes unbiased decisions, it keeps the game healthy. Moreover, it sets an example for future candidates who aspire to be an umpire.

On the other hand, if an umpire gives poor decisions and makes any team cost important matches, then they face a lot of backlashes. Usually, such umpires not only receive the hate of a particular nation but also from all other countries. Over the years, there have been many umpires who are hated over social media for their poor decisions.

Joel Wilson

One of the umpires of the modern era who has received a lot of hate is Joel Wilson. There were multiple moments during the Ashes 2019 when Joel made incorrect decisions. He has been tagged as a blind international cricket umpire because he made ten incorrect decisions in the first innings of the Ashes.

Joel Wilson copped a lot of hate from Australians when he didn’t adjudge Ben Stokes when England needed just two runs to win. He was criticized for not giving an out even when the ball had hit the stumps. To date, Wilson has officiated in 69 ODIs, 21 Tests, and 27 T20Is.

Shakoor Rana

The Faisal Abad Test between Pakistan and England in 1987 sparked a rivalry between umpire Shakoor Rana and Mike Gatting. With the second day of the Test almost coming to an end, England had reduced Pakistan to 106-5 after setting a target of 292. The visiting captain, Gatting, brought Eddie Hemmings to bowl that over and adjusted the field according to the bowler. He brought David Chapel from long legs to stop the singles.

Gatting had informed the striker so the move was completely legal. But Shakoor Rana accused the English captain of cheating. He said that Gatting’s gesture of hand waving was cheating although it was not to the fielder. The visiting captain justified his move to the umpire and tried to move the game forward. But Rana did not let it go and was heard accusing Gatting of being a cheat.

The English skipper lost his cool and confronted Rana. It resulted in a heated exchange of insults between the two men. The next morning, Rana refused to resume until and unless he received a handwritten apology from Gatting.

Even though Gatting had agreed and delivered the letter, he did think of refusing to do so. In an interview, he confessed to even rethinking his position as a captain and player.

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