Vic Richardson, the talented Australian Cricketer

In popularly known as Vic Richardson, Victor York Richardson is one of the most versatile sportsmen. He has professionally played above five games.

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VIC Richardson

VIC Richardson

Popularly known as Vic Richardson, Victor York Richardson is one of the most versatile sportsmen. He has professionally played above five games. Out of all, cricket, and football were his most significant engagement. Richardson was Adelaide born to valentine Yaxley Richardson and Rebecca Mary. His father, by profession, was an accountant, as well as a house painter and decorator. Vic Richardson had his studies in Kyre.

College. He was a state public serviceman. He took his time out on weekends, especially on Saturdays, to participate in several sports. Australian Dictionary of Biography describes him as 'Almost six feet (183 cm) tall, erect and confident; with light blue eyes and thin mustache' an appearance which gave him his nickname, which was The Guardsman. He got to be known as Yorker due to his middle-name.

Richardson got his debut in international cricket in 1924 against England. He played international cricket when he was 24. He was selected in the second Australian team and went to New Zealand for the tour. Richardson had 706 runs, including a century and a half-century. In First-Class cricket, he scored as many as 10,727 runs at an average of 37.63. He hit 27 centuries and 47 half-centuries. He also had eight wickets in First-Class cricket.

Richardson was a great fielder with a superb reflex

He got to be the captain of Australia against New Zealand in 1928, against South Africa in 1935-36. One of the most successful tenure as a captain was the South Africa tour. Though his performance was not up to the mark, the team won the series. It won under his captainship with 4-0, and the margin of victories was remarkable.

He was a great fielder with superb reflex. He also held the world record for taking six catches on the field in one go. It got later taken over by Greg Chappell, who took seven catches. One of his most talked-about Ashes series was the Bodyline series; he played all the five Tests; it was a neck to neck fight between the arch-rival. Richardson scored an attractive 83 opening the innings in the fourth Test at Brisbane.

Richardson was effectively there with state-level baseball and locale level lacrosse. He likewise got the opportunity to be one of the best Australian football players. His profession in sports crossed from 1915 to 1929. Notwithstanding, his profession was hindered by World War 1, much the same as cricket.

Besides playing cricket, football, baseball, lacrosse, and tennis; the player also got involved in sports like gymnastics, swimming, golf (played in state-level), and basketball. After retiring from cricket, Richardson took over to radio commentary and became one of the game's most successful commentators. He teamed up with Arthur Gilligan so that he can take part in immensely popular shows.

Richardson married Vida Yvonne Knapman. He had three daughters and a son with her. His grandchildren were named Greg Chappell, Ian Chappell, and Trevor Chappell, the prominent cricketers, and they represented the country. He died in Fullarton in his home on October 30, 1969, while he was watching sports.

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