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Was put on ventilator during battle with Covid-19, reveals Shane Warne

By BetBarter Staff

September 26, 2021

Former Australia cricketer Shane Warne was put on a ventilator during his battle with COVID-19. Warne had tested positive during his stint with the London Spirit in The Hundred. The veteran detailed the symptoms he had while down with COVID. “It was a bit like a hangover, I had a pounding headache. The first couple of days, when I tested positive, I just had a thumping headache and I had one day where I had the shivers, but (was) sweating, like when you have the flu,” Warne told The Herald Sun.

Warne was fully vaccinated when he tested positive for COVID-19. The 52-year-old revealed he was put on a ventilator but it was not because he had any extreme health issues but it was to protect him from any long term effects of COVID-19.

“I lost a bit of sense of taste for a few days, but after three or four days I was fine. I have apparently got the holy grail. I have been double vaccinated and I have had Covid, so I am meant to be absolutely fine now.”

“It wasn’t because I could not breathe, or anything like that, it was basically a special ventilator that I was trialling to make sure there were no longer-lasting effects that Covid would have on me,” he said. “I have been fine, I have been able to run, I have been able to do everything. I have been absolutely fine,” he said.

Warne was tested positive on August 1. He complained of not feeling well ahead of London Spirit’s match against Southern Brave after which his lateral flow test was conducted which came out positive. Later, the RT PCR test confirmed his fears.