Watch: Rishabh Pant’s saviours Sushil Kumar and Paramjeet get felicitated for their heroic effort

By Daniel S

December 31, 2022

On 30 December 2022, the whole of India became shocked when Rishabh Pant got involved in a horrifying road accident. Pant was returning home from Delhi and his car met with an accident on the Narsan border of Roorkee near Hammadpur Jhal. Rishabh Pant’s Mercedes collided with a divider on the Delhi-Dehradun highway. 

However, he is currently under medical treatment and out of any danger. But, some reports were there that the Indian wicketkeeper got out of the car all by himself. He also called the ambulance and Police to help. But, it was Sushil Kumar and his fellow colleague Paramjeet who had rescued Pant from the burning car and called the ambulance. Now, a video has gone viral where those two were seen getting felicitated for their heroic effort.

Here is the shared video:

“We began to cry for help but no one came.” – Sushil Kumar, the saviour of Rishabh Pant

Sushil Kumar is a bus driver while Paramjeet is the bus conductor. They both helped Pant in getting out of the car and called for the ambulance. Speaking of the viral video, both of them were seen getting acknowledged with prizes for such a heroic effort. While talking to several media outlets, Sushil Kumar said that initially, he did not know about Rishabh Pant’s identity since he does not follow cricket.

He said: “I am a driver with Haryana Roadways, Panipat depot. Our bus left Haridwar at 4:25 in the morning. I was on my way when I saw a car, being driven at a lot of speed, got imbalanced and crashed into the divider. After the impact, the car landed on the wrong side of the road – the one that goes to Delhi. The car screeched onto the second lane of the road seeing which I immediately applied the brakes. The car had already caught sparks so I and the conductor rushed to get him out of the car. By then the fire has started. Then, three more people came running and got him on the safe side.”        

“We began to cry for help but no one came. I called the National Highway, but no one answered. Then I ran up to the police and the conductor called for an ambulance. We kept asking him if he is he fine. Offered him some water. After regrouping, he told us he is Rishabh Pant. I don’t follow cricket so I didn’t know who he was but my conductor then told me ‘Sushil.. he is an Indian cricketer’,” Sushil Kumar concluded.