Watch: Saleem Malik’s Hilarious Story on Imran Khan Leaves Mohammad Amir and Wahab Riaz Burst out Laughter

By Daniel S

November 12, 2022

Being a captain of your national cricket team is not an easy job. Apart from facing tough questions from the media, a captain also has to keep all the players in the dressing room motivated and happy. Hence, dropping a player from the side without affecting his morale becomes a herculean task for any skipper. Recently, former Pakistan cricketer Saleem Malik shared a hilarious anecdote on how Imran Khan used to drop his close friend Mudassar Nazar from the Pakistan team.

Malik was a part of an expert panel on a Pakistan News channel along with Mohammad Amir and Wahab Riaz. The anchor of the show asked Malik how did Imran Khan drop a player from the team? Malik revealed,

“His style was different. His closest friend was Mudassar Nazar and whenever he wanted to drop him from the team, he couldn’t directly say it to his face. So, he would rather ask for his help to finalise the playing XI ahead of any match. And they would start making the team in the evening,” Malik said.

“When they sat down to make the team together, Imran Khan would ask for a player’s name for all positions starting from 1 to 10 by Mudassar and would not select himself and Mudassar till no 10. Whenever ten positions were filled, Imran would ask ‘how many are there?’ And Mudassar would reply ‘10 positions have been filled’. Then Imran would ask, ‘what do we do now?’ Mudassar would then hilariously reply ‘It will be you only I can’t be in there in your place’,” he further added.

Listening to the story, other panellists Mohammad Amir and Wahab Riaz also burst into laughter.

Watch the video here:

Pakistan to recreate 1992 by winning 20-20 World Cup 2022?

Meanwhile, Pakistan are one step away from winning the 20-20 World Cup 2022 and recreating their victorious 1992 World Cup campaign under the leadership of Imran Khan. The final of this year’s 20-20 World Cup will be played at the same venue, MCG, where Pakistan lifted their first World Cup.

Pakistan’s campaign in the ongoing World Cup has a striking similarity to their 1992 World Cup campaign. They lost to India in the group stages in both competitions and managed to qualify by just one point by winning their last three matches.

In 1992 WC, Australia failed to defend their title on their home soil and this year as well, Australia have failed to defend their title. The final of the 1992 World Cup was also played between Pakistan and England and the same teams will fight for the title on Sunday at Melbourne Cricket Ground. Pakistan fans are hoping for their team to complete the similarities by lifting the Cup in the final.