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“We are all taught to love our country”, says Kumar Sangakkara on racism debate

July 23, 2020

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Payel Gosh

The African American George Floyd's passing has prompted more individuals shouting out on prejudice. Indeed, even cricket isn't deprived of it as different players opened up on the issue over the most recent couple of weeks. In addition, the Black Lives Matter crusade has begun in sports with even the England and West Indies cricketers wearing the logo on their neckline of their shirts.

The players additionally took a knee on the side of the development and the equivalent was followed in the 3TC game in South Africa a week ago. Sri Lanka legend Kumar Sangakkara has given his perspectives on the prejudice banter now; and figures individuals should be instructed progressively about it. He feels that kids are educated to cherish their nation; yet nobody instructs them to regard and acknowledge different societies simultaneously.

He likewise comprehends that it won't occur without any forethought, however things will just begin to change with an adjustment in demeanor. When someone comprehends what genuine history is, Sangakkara figures that person will discover loads of demeanor changes. They are completely instructed to cherish their nation. In any case, now and again they follow that indiscriminately; and that prevents us from acknowledging different societies, different nations, others, different races, different religions.

Sangakkara urges all to teach self, open psyche, yet more critically open eyes. This is in light of the fact that without that change won't occur and change won't be for the time being.

Sangakkara thinks one of the most important things is to teach kids history

Kumar Sangakkara further called attention to that bigotry isn't just restricted to skin shading. He demanded that there are a few types of it and furthermore focused on the requirement; for giving youngsters the correct sort of instruction. Skin shading isn't the main premise of segregation. There are different methods of prejudice and segregation. Some verifiably and some in a specific setting, skin shading isn't the main reason for segregation.

One takes Black Lives Matter if that person takes bigotry and segregation on the planet. He thinks one about the most significant things is to show their youngsters history as it ought to be; and not the cleaned variant of it, so you just observe the positives.

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Written By,

Payel Gosh