What Cricket players are doing amidst COVID-19 pandemic?

By Bet Barter

August 24, 2020

Immediately following the announcement by the Indian Cricket Board that it will host the 13th UAE IPL, psychologists spoke about how different the new tradition for cricket-takers is because families don’t travel with them for the games.

Centers and entertainment centers are unopened because of the dangers of coronavirus exposure. Meetings and parties will be restricted.

There is also no allowance for outdoor sports. And how are the boys going to relax?

Anusheela Brahmachary, a Sports psychologist specifically advises players to rejuvenate themselves in moderation by occasional yet guided relaxation and recreational activities. Or else the energies can burn out.

All about the recharging

Anusheela classifies the free time between matches and leisure, making it clear that leisure is a personal pursuit with everything that people want to do. You can play music, dance, or play video games, depending on the player’s tastes, purely to steam off, Anusheela says. It allows players to de-stress after competitive games. These activities help players discover their non-sport identities and enjoy common pleasures required for all people. The player must plan recreations that don’t compromise their protection, Anusheela says. Specific social activities that are not inconsistent with the medical systems and the purpose must be performed by the participants, she added.

Perfect relaxation should aim to calm the player, to concentrate on excellent performance and alleviate anxieties. Sports massage is indeed an effective way to relieve body tiredness. Besides, gradual muscle relaxation is an important technique of relaxation for players in particular.

The Cricketers pursuing Singing Hobby

For example, several players, past and present, may indulge or develop their hobbies, which can be a recreational activity. Dilip Vengsarkar, former Indian captain, has a singer-like style and released an album called Rest Day after his playing days.

Sunil “Sunny” Gavaskar also had a song, named He Jeevan Mhanje cricket, sung by the legendary ‘Little Master,’ and also played in the film, Premachi Saavli. Sreesanth recorded an album entitled Jaago India former rhythm bowler.

She says that Sreešanth’s brother-in-law, Madhu Balakrishna, had also made his music, “It’s a good composer too and wrote much music,” she said. The group “S36-The Group” was also owned by Sreesanth, but it is no longer there.

Then, Suresh Raina, when he doesn’t play Cricket, enjoys crooning. He even had a Bollywood film Meeruthiya Gangsters sung Tu Mili Sab Mila for his debut in an entirely new field.

In 2013, the off-spinner Harbhajan Singh recorded an inspirational album devoted to his mother called Meri Maa.

The love of music was well-known to Sachin Tendulkar. He was usually seen on the team bus with his iPod during his playdays. Shikhar Dhawan, batsman of the opening, will relax the flute. In reality, Dhawan admitted to the Instagram chat that learning flute has helped him develop his batting.

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