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What India, New Zealand, and Australia need to do to book qualification for the World Test Championship Final

By Bet Barter

November 26, 2020

The ICC has finally devised the criteria for selecting the finalists for the maiden World Test Championship. The top 2 teams with the highest percentage of points earned would make it to the final of the tournament.

On the basis of these criteria, Australia is the most likely to qualify for the World Test Championship final. The Aussies sit at top of the table with 82.2% of the total points. They will face India and will play South Africa prior to that. India, who is second in the table, has earned 75% of the total points. India has 10 test matches left to play, with a win earning them 30 points and a draw 10 points.

It is quite likely for Australia to qualify, given that New Zealand fails to achieve 240 points from their two home series. New Zealand is yet to host both the West Indies and Pakistan.

How do the teams fare in the race to the finals?

Here are some likely outcomes depending on the performance of each team:

  • If New Zealand manages to grab 240 points, their total tally would reach 420 out of 600. However, if they drop points in any Test match, their percentage will plummet as each win comprises 60 points. If New Zealand manages to win 3 out of 4 matches,  their percentage would reach 63.3.

  • If India manages to win 5 out of 8 matches, their percentage would be 70.83. This would be somewhat higher than New Zealand’s maximum score. However, if they manage a 4-4 result, their percentage would drop to 66.67. On the off chance India manages to win 4, draw 2 and lose 2, their total would be slightly less than that of New Zealand.

  • If the Aussies win all 4 against India, their percentage would climb to 86.67. If they lose all 3 against the Proteas, their percentage would drop to 69.33.

  • England is third on the table with 60.83% of the total points. England still has to face India and Sri Lanka away from home. If they defeat Sri Lanka and lose 1-2 against India, their percentage would round to 62.78%.

As per the calculated possibilities, it is highly likely that Australia will qualify for the finals. However, the second team to qualify could be any of the 3: India, New Zealand, or England. After New Zealand concludes their 2 home series, and the India-Australia battle wrapped, things will become clearer.

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