What went wrong with Kevin Pietersen?

By Bet Barter

September 7, 2020

On 21st February 2004, people across the nation prepared to rise to record temperatures and started turning out being a normal hot Indian summer. On the same day, Kevin Pietersen, who was 23-year-old and has been transfixed with a flaming saga of enchanting shots, launched the bowls and left them in a dazzling state. You seldom saw the leather thwack at the frontier frames.

The mark of the talented artist can be seen in that Pietersen brandished the willow as if he were a gigantic individual on a track in which the rest of the batsmen were subtly influenced by the variation of the drift and of fine control overflight by Ramkumar and Sunil Joshi, the South Zone.

More about Kevin Pietersen

More than a decade has passed since first-class England’s ‘A’ against the South Zone in Gurgaon was compiled by Pietersen. In reliable measure, the batsman born at Pietermaritzburg became one of the stars of the cricketing brotherhood during a stir.

He brought endless joy to people who wanted from far and broad to witness the willowy guy take over the best thing in the enterprise. Pietersen’s innings against the 2001 assault by Steve Harmison on Chester le-Street on the outset of Durham, 2005 on the Oval against Australia, and 2005 on Pakistan on Faisalabad, 2006 on Anil Kumble, an admirable look, who turned Muttiah Muralitharan on Edgbaston, 2006, and stood alone against what seemed like the wrath of the waves rushing riot.

Pietersen’s service, however, was also full of controversy. Finally, after the Ashes 2013-14 fiasco, the star batsman was unceremoniously out from England. It is sad but true that all cricket fans and scribes are now talking about his autobiography rather than paying rich tributes to England’s highest run-ups of all sizes. It is an autobiography, in which he has blown up the tyrant. This has accused former coach Andy Flower of “ruling out of fear,” of some of his former England colleagues.

England Team and Kevin

An issue relating to the dressing environment is difficult to focus on since we speak about unknown causes. There will be frictions because if a team continues to lose, it leads to a fractious locker room. Since a squad of 15-20 players tour because of play all year round. Now that the Management comes into play, the British backroom team struggles to smooth these frictions in their bud, according to Pietersen. England has, surprisingly, a growing coaching staff to deal with these issues.

Some support Flower by showing that under him, England has won and achieved so many games. But the players who play in the center win you games and not coaches. England won mainly after a talented or extraordinarily strong group of players. The ECB i.e. England and Wales Cricket Board had confirmed that they were tested and that none of the players was pleased. But, if the Twitter account manager tells a former player that three of the players referred to then had access to it; one wonders whether the ECB investigated the issue extensively or not.

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