Why Akila Dananjaya is banned from bowling?

Akila Dananjaya was suspended by ICC for 12 months following his bowling campaign which was considered illegal.

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Akila Dananjaya was suspended by ICC for 12 months following his bowling campaign which was considered illegal. Dananjaya got a 12-month suspension on account of ICC sanctions, meaning that a bowler who failed twice in two years would automatically be penalized if the assessment is failed. However, Akila Dananjaya could indeed bowl throughout international cricket performed by Sri Lankan cricket, with both the board approval. His activities had been noticed illegal in the first Test match against the New Zealand team in Galle from 14th August to 18th August during which he began taking a fifer in the first innings.

In the wake of the first test match England against Sri Lanka in Galle in 2018, Dananjaya was confirmed to have been suspect. He subsequently evaluated his activities in Brisbane and then was banned from bowling until he had cleared up all necessary ICC tests. He was cleared for bowling in February then. However, when he came back, he wasn't quite as successful in ODIs. He, therefore, was not chosen for the 2019 ICC World Cup.

In August, his first international game was Galle's test match against New Zealand after he was suspended. Within this match, he collected a total of six wickets, those in the first innings. Although Lasith Malinga took 2 for 28, 3 for 36, and 1 for 30. He didn't make in the second test and was picked for the T20's. The cricket board of Sri Lanka in conjunction with the ICC was approved by Suspend Action Bowling Committee (SABC); previously in 2015 for suspending 170 bowlers for their illegal activities. The ICC is responsible for re-revaluing its bowling operation at the completion of this duration of one year.

Regulations Imposed by ICC

2 bowlers subsequently cleared the initial procedure. Bowler initiatives were provided to focus on improving and transforming the action into some kind of perfectly legal one. In all cricket playing countries, the ICC has implemented a really strict rule. Similarly, the illegals were disqualified due to their illegal activities, namely Kane Williamson, James KirtleySachithra Senanayake, Shane ShillingfordAbdul Razak, Johan Botha, Marlon Samuel, Sunil Narine, and Saeed Ajmal.

As per the ICC, Illegal Bowling is indeed a bowling activity throughout the player's Elbow extension of 15 °; measured by the standard analytical protocols from the horizontally reaching of the bowler's arm to the point of release of the ball. For the aim of evaluating an unlawful bowling action, Elbow hyperextension must therefore be discounted.

Whenever a player is reported in connection with an accused Illegal Bowling action. He or she is asked to submit an independent review of his or her bowling actions.

If due to any action, failure to act or otherwise by the player (including injury). The player has not submitted to Independent Assessment within the time limits alluded to by it. It is suspended from playing cricket till the independent assessment is submitted. And if the player has been reported illegally for more than once in a time period of around two years. It will result in an immediate 12-month suspension.

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