Why Australia is always the first choice to be the World Champion in Cricket?

By Bet Barter

September 21, 2020

Australians are the absolute masters when it comes to emerging from the ruins. Often they are represented as winning, regardless of the cost. This mentality makes them appear arrogant, but they are not separated from the rest of the world by their untold spirit. Back in the 1980s, in some disarray of Australian cricket, the gentleman named Allan Border took over and Australia has never since looked back. You feel they are butchers if you take a look at the way they have played in the last two decades. They’re not only defeating the opposition, but they’re also choking and abusing them before they surrender their opposition.

Inspiring players such as Allan Border, Mark Taylor, Ricky Ponting, and Michael Clarke led them. They have always shown their players how to play hard and give their 100%. Cricket from Australia has not only manufactured cricketers but also warriors. If Steve Waugh hadn’t battled India in 2004 at Sydney, India would have won its first test series in Australia. Nobody had more than the great Shane Warne when it comes to the illusion that Australia would “win”. The semi-final to the West Indies World Cup of 1996 was lost long ago. However, Shane Warne had other thoughts. He spun the game for the Australians and they took the game from nowhere. In the Ashes of 2006, he did something similar.

Their Game         

The Australian cricket players resigned themselves to not being able to win the test match. But in the dressing room, Warne said a couple of mystical terms as the tide turned in favor of Australian. Also, a similar character was Glenn McGrath. Before the start of every series, he would predict an entire whitewash for the opposition and then lead by example. Their hard mental character is another thing that is special to Australia. You don’t think you should fail. Really, from precarious circumstances, they will find winning ways.

The opposition will be analyzed and the vulnerabilities examined. They still played on their strengths, however, and not the flaws of others. Repeated accomplishments that often represent their language of the body build this trust. They will be tormented and actually humiliated until they got hold of the opposition. Regardless of how good Australians are, they have always been far from friendly on the ground. You would submit your rivals so that their attention would lapse. They also said controversial things to pump up their competitors shortly before the start of a series.

McGrath said he was going in 1999 to torture Brian Lara, but for the Aussies, it was a must-win game. He held his promise, however, and the Australians won the World Cup. Crossing the borders to win a game at some stage, and it happened to be the 2018 South African ball-tampering saga that we learned the yellow team was a clear shadow. Their number of winners in 2018 was the worst in all test countries. It was an unusual sight. We never could believe the team was playing with so less confidence. They lost a South African ODI series and an Indian test series at home.

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