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World Anti-Doping Agency passes its verdict on Rafael Nadal using prohibited substances in the French Open

By BetBarter Staff

June 12, 2022

Rafael Nadal recently extended his lead of most Grand Slam wins to 22 by winning the French Open. This was also his 14th career title at the Roland Garros. The Tennis sensation has come under fire from fellow sportsmen after winning his 14th Roland Garros title.

The criticism began after Rafa revealed that he had anaesthetic injections to heal his injured foot over the entire two-week French Open event. “Today’s heroes…. The methods [used by Rafael Nadal] are simply prohibited in my sport, which is unfortunately so decried. Here is a little more precision on the sadness of my tweet,” tweeted French Cyclist Thibaut Pinot.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has, however, defended the 36-year-old. WADA Director-General Olivier Niggli denied that anaesthetic injections had any effect on an athlete’s performance. “If a product is on the list of prohibited products, it means that it has an effect on performance, that it is bad for health, and that it is contrary to the ethics of sport,” he said while speaking to a Swiss TV channel called RTS.

“Anaesthetic injections are not prohibited. It’s not an oversight. The question arose. It was discussed. They are not on the list because they do not improve performance and are fundamentally not bad. Is it a good medical practice? Is it acceptable for an elite athlete to get injections before a match? It’s a debate between doctors and a debate about medical ethics. Rafael Nadal has won 14 titles at Roland Garros. If he has won thirteen others without injections, it is probably not due to injections that he has won the 14th,” he added.

Nadal on using anaesthetic injections

When asked about his future plans, Rafael Nadal stated that he would only compete in the All England Championship if he did not need anaesthetic injections. “Wimbledon is a priority, always has been a priority. If I’m able to play with anti-inflammatories yes. To play with anaesthetic injections, I do not want to put myself in that position again,” he said, as quoted by Sports Tiger.

“It can happen once but no, it’s not the philosophy of life I want to follow. Let’s see. I am always a positive guy and always expect the things are going the right way. Let’s be confident, let’s be positive and let’s see what’s going on,” he said.